Apparently Kids Don’t Like All Candy

| December 8, 2008

On Sunday afternoon, I went over to my grandma’s house because my brother and his family were coming over for a visit. So it meant I could see my niece and nephew without having to drive 60 miles. And since I was out until 3 AM on Saturday night, the less driving I had to […]

Bacon Answers Questions From Long Ago

| December 4, 2008

Do you remember like 100 years ago when I asked you for questions for Bacon? And that he would reply to them all in a timely matter? Well, clearly I was lying. But fear not! The rest of the answers are here NOW! And I’m sure there’s one about the election or something because it […]

Happy Baconsgiving!

| November 26, 2008

Hello my loyal subjects! It is Bacon┬áhere. I’m writing to all of you on the eve of this Thanksgiving holiday because our fair Kristabella is lying on the couch, wine glass in hand, enjoying her evening going into a holiday. You know, because it has been a long time since she had all the time […]

You Ask, Bacon Answers – Part 1

| November 10, 2008

Do you remember like 17 weeks ago when I asked you all to leave questions for Bacon? And that he would answer your questions in a timely fashion? Well, clearly, I was lying out of my piehole because I don’t even remember how long ago that post was written. But some things in life are […]

Bacon Says “Help Me To Help You”

| October 24, 2008

You know who we haven’t heard from in awhile? Yes, you guessed it, BACON! He’s actually been kind of neglected, as I found out as I went through my archives. He had such a busy couple of months, leaving the house for the first time and going to Vegas and San Francisco TWICE! But he […]