Bacon Crashes My Pity Party

| September 10, 2008

Thank you, all of you, for all your comments on yesterday’s post. I’m feeling a little better today. I think the fact I had to get up and shower and put on make-up and leave the house had a a lot to do with it. My mission is to make myself leave the house every […]

Wordy Recap

| September 1, 2008

*blows dust off* Oh hello there, readers. What? Where have I been? I have been melting into a pool of my own sweat and tears because I am going to be UNEMPLOYED at the end of the week and what the fuck is up with this heat wave? Don’t tease me with temps in […]

Star Date 400

| August 17, 2008

Dude, I just showed my nerdiness right there by pulling out a Star Trek reference. To be clear, I love The Next Generation. I only like the Tribbles episode in the original series. Ahem. So this is my 400th post! Are you all so excited? I mean, it only took me about 2 years to […]

Bacon Has No Daddy Issues

| June 25, 2008

Because his daddy ended up on a BLT in a diner in Hoboken. You know who we haven’t heard from in awhile? Bacon! Yay! I can feel your excitement reaching through my computer screen and grabbing me by my collar and shaking me because holy fucking shit balls! Bacon! IT’S BACON! OK, so I know […]

Bacon – The San Francisco Treat

| June 4, 2008

On my recent trip to San Francisco, Bacon made his second cross-country trip with me. (His first was to Vegas in April.) In the group I was hanging out with in San Francisco, there were actually quite a few fans of Bacon. (Natch.) So I decided to let him out of the bag more. He gets really mad when […]