The Jerk Store Called, They’re Out Of You

| November 29, 2010

Did everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving? Mine was lovely, thanks for asking. Although I had to work on Friday, I got to work from home in my PJs, which is always a mighty fine thing. It was nice to have a break from the daily grind for sure. I started a new tradition at Thanksgiving […]

Grocery Shopping FAIL

| October 18, 2010

I have a lot of friends that are foodies and love to make delicious things. It’s nice, because they share a lot of tasty recipes. Which is good for me because then I’m not eating the same five things all the time. But I am not a foodie. Nor a chef. I am a strict […]

Gym Rat

| July 26, 2010

Do you remember this post? I talked about how I was starting to eat better and track calories and I was going to join a gym. I even said in that post that I was joining the gym the next night. I’ve also been saying that for awhile. So that didn’t happen. If I recall, […]

The Spark I Needed?

| June 22, 2010

Remember this post? Well not much came of it. I went on vacation and then I hurt my back and then well, come on, I’m President of the Lazy Club! Are we even really all that shocked? But I am really tired of being fat. And I’m tired of feeling like this so I wanted […]

Grill Next Door

| June 2, 2010

Up until last night, I had never grilled in my life. I’ve always been afraid. I mean, the closest I’ve come to grilling is putting a chicken breast on my old George Foreman Grill. I preferred that because there is no FIRE involved. There are no visible flames. I am not in jeopardy of burning […]