Because It Doesn’t Work. For Me.

| March 19, 2012

I’ve always been a supporter of Weight Watchers. It’s an excellent plan that teaches you how to eat healthy and eat the right amount and make good decisions. I lost a lot of weight on the program back in 2003. And I kept it off for a good 3 years. Since that time, they’ve tweaked […]

Asi Asi

| August 2, 2011

I am out of things to post about. Like there is literally nothing rolling around inside my head except a few marbles. So it isn’t that I am too lazy to post (that’s part of it), but I just have no ideas. My life isn’t that interesting and thank cheesus, no more birds have pecked […]


| May 9, 2011

Since the week before Easter (you know back when I posted this) I have gained 2.2 pounds. It was 1.6 pounds last week and then .6 this week. All in all, not bad at all considering there were holidays and celebrations and a lot of cake. Most people would post a post like that and […]

It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

| April 21, 2011

I’ve lost 13 pounds in 16 weeks on Weight Watchers. I’m quite very proud of that, especially since I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with the scale. But the program is working, I’m making better food choices and I’m working out more (well, pre-new job. Although, new job does require me to commute, […]

Up In The Gym

| January 19, 2011

So I think I mentioned that back before Christmas, I started Weight Watchers again. They rolled out a new program and I figured that was just the thing I needed to jumpstart my motivation and get back on track. Then Jennie started a Biggest Blogging Loser contest with A LOT of money on the line […]