My New ‘Do

| September 29, 2011

So remember when I asked about growing out my bangs? And I asked for all of your opinions? And y’all were so helpful in that you were split down the middle? Well, I decided to grow them out. And I think they are growing. I know they are fucking annoying. I started out doing this. […]

To Grow Out Or Not To Grow Out?

| August 18, 2011

That is the question. I am currently at the phase where I am deciding whether or not to grow out my bangs. I’ve had them for like three years? And I’m wondering if I need a change. Do you think I should go from this: Back to this? I know that growing out bangs is […]

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

| April 19, 2010

I have really nothing much to write about. I mean, I’m sure I could dig down and find something, but tonight is Monday, which means it is the night that I do everything I was too lazy to do over the weekend – grocery shopping, taking out the trash, cleaning the litter box, laundry, etc. […]

I Should Cut Them Myself Next Time

| April 14, 2009

So remember when I got bangs? And before I did, Rhi was all bossy and said “don’t get them if you don’t get free bang trims.” And I was like “who is this Rhi person, anyway?” Well, I would get free bang trims. If my hair salon wasn’t like 50 miles from my house. See, […]

Sometimes I Hate Myself

| December 21, 2008

This afternoon I had a meltdown of epic proportions. (Just a note, this is apparently my new saying. Everything is “insert thing” of epic proportions these days – snowstorms, ice storms, etc.) It wasn’t a pretty day in Kristabellikstan. I had a bit of a busy weekend. Saturday morning I drove up to my brother’s house […]