| December 29, 2008

This week between Christmas and New Year’s should be a National Holiday week. I mean, regardless of your religion and what holiday you celebrate, this is a dead week. Most people are on holiday. Things are slow everywhere. Especially on television, where there are no new shows. Thank God for trashy reality television. There is […]

Eve of The Eve Bullets

| December 22, 2008

On my way home from work tonight, I had to stop at the grocery store to get the ingredients for my award-winning corn for Christmas. I also had to get some rock salt. I’m going to try and melt all the snow around my car so that it will become unstuck. Did I mention that […]

Wordy Recap

| September 1, 2008

*blows dust off* Oh hello there, readers. What? Where have I been? I have been melting into a pool of my own sweat and tears because I am going to be UNEMPLOYED at the end of the week and what the fuck is up with this heat wave? Don’t tease me with temps in […]

Driving Sideways Winnah

| June 3, 2008

I have no idea why in the two contests I’ve held here, the winner posts both have WINNAH in the title. And if you think that I don’t say it likeĀ a booth worker at a carnival, you would be wrong. I loved, loved reading all your road trip stories! I myself am a huge fan […]

They Call Me P-I-M-P

| May 28, 2008

I first met Jess Riley back in November when I bursted out of my shell and actually went to a strange, loud bar and met a few strangers that I had only known from the internet. Thankfully, I got to hang out with her since then, in a quieter atmosphere. And knew I loved her […]