No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Posted By on November 15, 2011

Disclaimer: Mom, don’t read this.

So today was a shitty day. It just started off stressful and then didn’t get much better. And then I moved cubes at work today, to a different floor, and I miss my old neighbors. And I’m PMSing so basically I’m just a ball of sadness.

I came home to watch TV and NOT eat my feelings. Because that doesn’t go well with my diet plan, nor my keep-my-pants-fitting plan. I did good! I had a salad, some of this chili that I made (MAKE IT NOW!) and a glass of milk. Then I had some bread and butter, since I was craving it, but it was reduced calorie bread and light butter.

So as I was making myself feel better about my life by watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, there was a knock at my door. I tried to ignore it, but I knew that they heard me in here, talking to the cats and watching TV. So I answered it, bra-less and clad in snowflake pajama pants. It was the new neighbor across the hall. She was letting me know her place got broken into and they took her laptop. She came home and her door was pried open.

Just great.

I let her know I didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary (which would be anything since I’ve been neighborless for months) (plus the cats jump like 10 feet in the air at any sudden noise) and told her I was sorry. She let me know the cops were on their way and I reminded her to call the property manager.

By the way, what is the etiquette for this? Should I have invited her in? Should I have offered to wait at her house with her? I’m sure I did it wrong, but I was BRA-LESS!

The cops came by to ask me some questions.

This set off a whole different string of worries – should I comb my hair, put on a bra, look presentable IN THE LEAST? I mean, what it if was some hot cop who was turned on by snowflake pajama pants? YOU NEVER KNOW.

They asked when I got home and then asked if I had heard anything. They took my name and number and I reminded them of the cameras we have in our lobby. They asked me like six times what time I got home. I told them 6:45, but I don’t really ever look at the clock. I mean, now I’m probably a suspect because not only do I not know what time I got home, I also didn’t hang out with the girl in the hallway when it happened!

So yeah. Now I will be “sleeping” with my pepperspray tonight and locking my bedroom door (Melissa!). And when I say “sleeping” I mean, staring at the dark ceiling of my bedroom for eight hours until the alarm goes off.

At least I’ll remember to take my middle-of-the-night antibiotic!

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4 Responses to “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”

  1. Mahnee says:

    I should have listened to you.

    Sounds like punks who steal while people are at work. Kinda like the punks who broke into the garage and my car in the middle of the night. They’re just PUNKS looking to steal but (this keeps me sane) not trying to have a confrontation with anyone. However, that garage/car incident had me shaking for days.

    I would think the cameras in the lobby would be a deterrent. And hopefully filmed whoever broke in.

  2. Melissa says:

    Eeek! Stay safe! I hate crap like this. 🙁
    Melissa´s last blog post ..Win an HP TouchSmart 320

  3. Alice says:

    i agree – PUNKS! (also: scaredy-punks who only break in when they KNOW there are no people around. you are totally safe!!!)
    Alice´s last blog post ..preparations

  4. Rebecca says:

    Yikes. Yeah that would freak me out. I’d be the one getting 800 extra locks for the door. But I am also the one who makes me kids sleep in bed with me when my husband is out of town. You know, in case they get scared.
    Rebecca´s last blog post ..It’s mah Birfday!