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Some of you in this blog universe of ours are aware that there is a blogging conference going on this upcoming weekend. I have been the last three years. This year, I will not be attending.

There were a few reasons for it. One, money. I mean, San Diego is far and I’ve already spent a lot of money this year on my trip to Jamaica. Two, time off. I was hoping to have a new job some time before August 2011 (WHICH I DO, YAY!) and knew getting time off wasn’t going to be easy. Three, last year was super overwhelming and hot damn there were a lot of people. Four, a lot of my people weren’t going. And while I do have many, many friends that are going, my roomies weren’t going. And once you’ve roomed with the same people so many times, why switch it up? We had it down to a routine!

So instead, I’m going to Toronto to visit part of my home base. Because she too is not attending this year. And we have dubbed the weekend BBQHer because……well, I don’t know. I think because he BBQs?

Don’t worry, we won’t be eating people. That I know of. Canada is a whole other country.

But apparently there is a fun weekend of activities planned! Including the Toronto Beer Festival! And catching up with my favoritest people! And games with three adorable children! And grilled meat! I am so excited, I have no words!

I’ve been to Toronto once before. I never wrote about it on here. Mostly because I may have not mentioned the trip to my boss at the time, who thought I was working from home. (Actually she was on vacation, so she didn’t care at all.)

Well, if this is working, then I was doing just that.

We also went to a pumpkin patch. There was a petting zoo. And they had a hay ride and some weird ride that made me dizzy for the rest of the trip. And then, on the customs form on the way back, they asked a question about being around LIVESTOCK and FARM ANIMALS and I LIED! I said I wasn’t because was I going to be detained? I DIDN’T EVEN PET THEM! I JUST TOOK PHOTOS! HOW COULD GOATS BE HARMFUL?? WE LIKE FARM ANIMALS IN THE UNITED STATES!

(Wow, this post is just full of confessions! I really am an honest person! Swearsies!)

So now I’m going to go finish packing. And try to focus on making it through work tomorrow and not filling out any of the wrong forms for customs lest I get detained and this girl doesn’t get her American goodies!


Peace out, friends! Have a wonderful weekend!

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7 Responses to “#BBQHer”

  1. One thing that made me not quite as sad that I had to sell my ticket due to our move/pending trip around the world is knowing that you and Ali won’t be there either! And since Ali has family in Nashville, can I propose a TN or Chicago meet-up in the future? =)

  2. Mahnee says:

    Fun travels!!!!!!

  3. alimartell says:

    I am sooooooo excited to see you!

  4. Andrea says:

    On my recent Italy trip, I wasn’t too worried about the customs form since I’d traveled Internationally one other time (lol! like I’m a pro). But my best friend was super freaked out, she kept a list of every.single.thing she bought during the whole trip and then got out the euro/dollar conversion app, so she had it down to the last penny. They didn’t even look at her paper for more than one second. She was so disappointed.

    I really hate that they group food with seeds and insects on that one question. It made me all squirrley, like I was doing something wrong bringing back my wine and dried pasta.

  5. gorillabuns says:

    maybe next year we will ALL go?

    Have fun on your trip!

  6. Having answered that farm/livestock question truthfully when coming back through customs from England, I can promise that you want to lie, lie, lie. I will never tell the truth at the border again.

    I love Canada! We were in Toronto three years ago and will definitely go back soon. Before that, however, we’ll be in Ottawa a week from now and I can’t wait.

    Have a great trip!

  7. Alice says:

    haha, i always lie on my customs forms. and also bring back illegal cheeses and stuff from france. maybe i should have made this comment anonymous? 🙂