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Posted By on July 8, 2009

My week started out so good. Now granted I thought this on Tuesday, which isn’t really even giving the week a chance to stretch its wings. But regardless, the Good Week is now over. Because now it is Irritated Week.

It all started at about 4 PM on Tuesday. With an email that pretty much made me cry at my desk (don’t ask). That sent me into A MOOD. So then I decided since I was in A MOOD, I would find out where all the shit I ordered online was.

That was a mistake.

First up, Barnes and Noble. I recently paid money to join their rewards club because Scarlet told me I had to and really, after paying $25 for Jen Lancaster’s book in the store (where, had I been a member I would have saved $10) I decided it was worth the $25 annual fee.

Anyway, I had ordered a few books, including my book club book for July, and in the same ordered figured I’d pre-order Danny’s book, Rage Against the Meshugenah. It had been over a week since I placed this order and since I was a rewards member or whatever I paid to be, I got fast, free shipping. Nothing about a week is “fast” to me, so I wanted to check it out.

And apparently Barnes & Noble is stupid. Because the default method when you order books is to ship them all at once. Which, fine with me. But that means “wait until pre-order book comes out so you can get all your books at once.” Now, I know Amazon does the whole “ship in fewest shipments” thing too. But Amazon also is smart and assumes that if you’re ordering three books that are already published, and since you’re getting free shipping anyway, you’re probably going to want the already-released books when you order them. So they ship them. Common sense.

But not so at Barnes & Noble, my friends. Not so. So I sent some nasty email that will probably end up on their bulletin board, going on and on about how ridiculous this is and this is why people shop at all the time. It made me feel better. But they have yet to respond, which way to go in the customer service department, B&N!

Thankfully Twitter came to my rescue again and told me that I need to cancel the pre-ordered book and they’ll ship the rest. (Don’t worry Danny, I’m still going to buy your book!) (Because I’m sure you’re reading and worried I won’t buy it!)

Next up, New York and Company. Although, this is more a Rage Against the Post Officenuh. Or someone in my building. I AM NOT QUITE SURE YET. I AM ONLY SURE THAT I AM MAD.

So I placed an order with NY & Co. They were having a sale and I needed some new summer cardigans. It is cold in my office and also I can use them for BlogHer. Plus they had some capris on sale and I figured since I wear the same 2 pairs of capris in the summer, maybe it was about time to get some new ones. I was very excited about these purchases and because everything was on sale, it didn’t cost me much!

I ordered it right before I went to New Orleans, expecting that after I got home, I would have mail! And packages! And new clothes! To hopefully wear on my pseudo-blind date!

But I also knew that they said 7-10 business days and I wouldn’t be lucky enough to get them when I was expecting them, would I? No, I wouldn’t. So I checked the tracking number on Tuesday just to see where it was, since we were coming up on the latter part of the 7-10 business days. The tracking number said my package had been delivered on Monday. Monday, June 29.

Wait, WHAT? Over a week ago? And I never SAW the package? Granted I was in New Orleans on Monday, June 29, but I was home the next day to get my mail. Did someone in my fucking building steal my package?

So I did what any normal, insane person would do, I freaked the fuck out. And it was partially about the money, but mostly about the clothes. Because it was a sale and the things I bought were no longer available in my size or color choices! So if someone did steal my clothes (WHO THE FUCK DOES THAT?), I can’t even replace them! FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS RIGHT HERE, FOLKS!

I sent a note to NY & Co asking them for assistance. Thankfully their customer service could teach Barnes & Noble’s customer service a lesson or two because I actually heard back from from NY & Co. They said to contact my postal carrier. And also should have warned me that it was bound to result in me going postal.

At my old place, sometimes the mail person would not deliver something and leave a nice little card for me to go pick it up. This generally happened in the winter when my car was stuck in the snow. But regardless, I would pick it up and all would be fine.

So I figured, maybe that’s what happened here. And the stupid fucking post office forgot to leave a card. I’m sure it happens all the time. Chicago does have the worst post office in the entire country. We won that award by a damn landslide. I’m surprised I ever get anything ever sent to me.

After work today, I decided to head to the post office and figure this mess out. Because I really don’t want to believe that someone in the building stole it. Because if you’re mature enough to purchase a home, I would hope you are mature enough to not steal women’s clothing. One would hope.

I went to the only post office in my zip code. I learned at my old house that just because there is a post office across the street from you, it doesn’t mean that it is your post office. Because across the street is a different zip code.

So I go up to the counter and I’m all “so I think you might have a package for me, kind sir.” And the whole time I’m talking to the post office dude, he’s looking at some dude behind me. Like this post office guy? Totally not paying attention to me. ME! The customer! TALKING! So I stop talking to look at who he’s looking it. Because clearly whoever it is, is fascinating. He wasn’t. He was just some dude who was looking for boxes to mail shit in. From the way Post Office Dude was looking at him, you would have thought we were all in for it, like the dude had an Uzi strapped to his back.

Finally Post Office Dude remembers that I’m standing there. He takes my ID and walks to the back. And of course he comes back with no package. And I’m like WHAT THE FUCK? DOES THIS MEAN IT IS STOLEN? And he’s all “no it was probably addressed wrong and on its way back to the shipper.” And I’m like dude, I ordered it online. The address is correct. It says online that it was DELIVERED. I’m just going to assume it was stolen because where the hell else would it be?

Thankfully the dude in the window next to him was actually nice. And he told me, “well we need the tracking number. Because it was apparently delivered somewhere and not here.” (Dear Chicago, I now see why your post office is the worst in Chicago. “Somewhere, but not here?” No fucking shit, Sherlock.) I tried to pull it up on my phone and then got so irritated I stormed out of there.

I plan to go in the morning since they open at 7:3o. But I can almost guarantee you that my lazy mail person didn’t feel like filling out a card and sent it back to the post office. And since it is like more than 5 days later, the post office was probably “fuck this noise and this Kristin Johnson not picking up her packages, we’re sending it back!” And now it is probably on its way back to NY & Co.

If that is the case, how do I tell NY & Co that I still want my pants and cardigans? Because I’m really upset about the pants! It’s hard to find nice capris this time of year since everyone is already bringing out their fall shit.

Thankfully when I got home from the post office, I did have at least one package that I had ordered. My new purse. Ain’t she pretty?


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  1. Oh god, this same thing happened to me once when I ordered some beauty products from Nordstrom (NEVER AGAIN.) The post office swore they’d delivered it and so I left a kind of passive aggressive note in my apartment’s lobby about HAD ANYONE ACCIDENTALLY TAKEN MY PACKAGE?, and they I had some strong words with the people at Nordstrom — actually more with the people at DHL — and do you know what happened? Nordstrom were super nice and sent me a whole new package with all my beauty products in it, but then like FOUR WEEKS LATER, the effing post office finally delivered my original package. I mean, WTH? Anyway, it all worked out because I got DOUBLE beauty products. And I kept them, because I figured I was owed that much.

    Uh, hope the same happens to you?
    .-= Nothing But Bonfires´s last blog ..Things I Swear, Under Pain of Death, I Will Never Say To An Engaged Person =-.

  2. Also I love your yellow purse.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Oooh, I love your yellow purse. And I too hate the post office. But I think NY and Co needs to find you your package – totally uncool that you have to track it down yourself.
    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Sleepy Time =-.

  4. Mahnee says:

    I ordered jewelry recently from NY&C and even now, if I pull up the order to track it, it says “no record”. Hello? I have one of the bracelets on today. Also had an issue with UPS & Payless but they were all really nice and while Payless couldn’t resend what I ordered, they credited my card immediately and sent me a gift card for my trouble. Even if I pay more, I try to find an online site that gives you the option for UPS or trackable delivery. Don’t like PO delivery AT ALL!

    Let me know if you need any help.

  5. Angella says:

    “Rage Against the Post Officenuh”


    As is that purse.

    (PS – You write the best rants, my friend.)
    .-= Angella´s last blog ..This Is What I Did, This Is What I’m Going To Do =-.

  6. christina says:

    Love the purse, can’t stand the USPS (especially the USPS in Chicago!)
    .-= christina´s last blog ..Agita…no suprise there. =-.

  7. Kate says:

    I hate the post office! Fyi if you call B&N customer service and tell them how stupid they are and yes, rage on about how Amazon is superior they will ship your books for free. I may have some personal experience with this! Also, NY&Co should be looking for your package not you! I hope you find your stuff, it is hard to find good capris! Where did you get your purse? I love it!

  8. Just Shireen says:

    Barnes and Noble also received a sternly worded letter from me, but they did respond right away. But there was definitely an undertone of “Hey stupid, you selected the ship all at once feature.” When, hey, I don’t even remember SEEING that option.

    Good luck with NY&Co!

    Also, I love that purse.
    .-= Just Shireen´s last blog ..I Don’t Know Much =-.

  9. Jen says:

    Well, shoot, you’d have saved the whole $25 if you’d simply let me give you that book earlier this spring. (Although I appreciate your buying it.)

    Regardless, yours is the second blog I’ve read today about our postal incompetence. This is the kind of shit that makes me want to put on my tinfoil “I Don’t Want the Olympics Here” because if the city can’t handle something as simple as delivering a package, how are they going to manage a multi-billion dollar enterprise such as the 2016 games?

    But back to your original problem – I’ve found the only semi-reliable delivery service here is UPS and that’s because the drivers aren’t afraid to accept an occassional please-don’t-throw-my-package-in-the-bushes bribe.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Yes, I Know How Long It’s Been Since I Posted Last… =-.

  10. Raven says:

    Love the purse. Sorry about whatever e-mail initially started the mood in the first place. HATE the post office. STABBY HATE. I will try not to even order if USPS is the shipping option unless it’s something small like photos. UGH.
    .-= Raven´s last blog ..from my shopping cart =-.

  11. Love the purse!

    But I know what you mean. I’ve had a very frustrating and irritating experience with my postal service, where a package I ordered didn’t come because the postal carrier or someone on that end didn’t see the apartment buzzer number on the package and so decided to send it directly back to where it came from. It was a huge freakin ordeal to it in the end. Hello, people! There’s a reason you’re being destroyed by UPS!
    .-= Amanda Nicole´s last blog ..small graces: part 39 =-.

  12. michele says:

    oh my dear heavens!! what is going on in Chicago with the mail? my friend lives there and has specifically instructed me to never us usps to send her something b/c she probably won’t get it. terrible. and frankly–inexcusable. 3rd largest city in the us? and they can’t handle mail? puh-lease.

    here is an idea for you though–could your condo bldg install some of those mail locker things that you take the key and put the key in the regular mailbox so you know you have a large item locked up?
    .-= michele´s last blog ..Jen Lancaster Book Signing! =-.

  13. michele says:

    oh, but i LOVE your new bag.
    .-= michele´s last blog ..Jen Lancaster Book Signing! =-.

  14. -R- says:

    I love the purse!

    We get mail ALL THE TIME for people who live at totally different addressed. Like the mailperson was just like, “Eh, I don’t feel like driving all the way over to that other street, so I’ll just stick all the mail I have left in R’s mailbox.” I am sure other people must be getting our mail too. AARGH. Your situations are definitely more frustrating, but just thought I’d share my the-post-office-sucks story.
    .-= -R-´s last blog ..Let’s Discuss =-.

  15. Scarlet says:

    Part of me wants to defend the USPS since my mom works there, but I guess she kind of hates it so I shouldn’t. (Note: she hates how hard it is, but it’s nice to work for the govt.)

    Not sure what’s up with I felt badly at first, but I have no control over them. I actually get shit a lot in the store because online prices are cheaper (DUH! People are stupid. There’s overhead in a store!) I’ll do my own customer service for you and hook you up some time if you want:)

    Just don’t ever say Borders is better than Barnes and Noble because then I’ll know you’ve lost it.
    .-= Scarlet´s last blog ..A Rush Of Blood To The Head =-.

  16. Oh, the effing post office. I used to hate they’d pull with not delivering packages and saying they did and all that. ARGH. At least you have a pretty, new handbag to distract you.
    .-= La Petite Chic´s last blog ..The Unofficial Rules of House Hunting =-.

  17. whoorl says:

    OMG, I despised my Chicago neighborhood post office. It was the dreariest place on earth!

    Love the bright yellow. 🙂
    .-= whoorl´s last blog ..My Daytime Talk Show Debut (!!!) =-.

  18. Tiffaney says:

    That completely sucks! I had the same situation exactly 2 yrs ago with UPS, but it was a $300 watch I ordered online from for my birthday present to me, shipped directly from ‘Expensive Watches R Us’ or some other inconspicuous company name on the shipping label (dumbasses). UPS said it had been delivered, but hellifitwas. I left saccharine notes on neighbors doors, grilled my UPS guy directly (who was pretty much on a first name basis with me because of my shameful online shopping addiction that year), but no luck. was actually quite gracious and credited my credit card, and took over tracking it on their end. I say give NY&Co hell, girlfriend!

  19. regan says:

    I often have packages go missing even though they say delivered on various sites (ups, fedex, dhl). This is horrible, but I blame the fact that we have major construction going on across the street and the lunch truck parks in front of my house, meaning I get scads of construction workers hanging out almost right on my porch multiple times a day. Before construction started I never had packages go missing. It also doesn’t help that ups doesn’t ring the doorbell to let me know they are delivering something. Anyway, the point of this is that I’ve never had problems with companies reshipping items or giving me a refund, you just have to be direct and state exactly what you want them to do.
    .-= regan´s last blog ..celebrating three years of wedded bliss. also, mini doughnuts! =-.

  20. paperdiva says:

    My postal carrier is actually pretty nice and thoughtful. BUT if I have to go into the actual post office, I always get the mean/bored/vaguely peeved clerk that shoots daggers from his eyes. Like he is soooo above the rest of us with postal needs.
    I hope you find your package! Be on the lookout for someone in your building wearing cute new sweaters and capris.

  21. wow, I am frustrated for you!
    That is ridiculous. On the bright side, you have that adorable purse so thats good.
    .-= sensibly sassy´s last blog ..Mid-Day Pondering =-.

  22. OOH, pretty purse!

    What was I going to say before getting distracted . . . oh, right, I think it’s on NY & Co. to either reimburse you or just ship a new order. I’d be a pain in their customer service side until they did one or the other. It is their bad if the post office screws up.

    Now I’m scrolling back up to look at that purse again . . .
    .-= Legallyblondemel´s last blog ..Important, Special Note to the Sheer Clothes Trend =-.

  23. jen says:

    Hate the Post Office – although I did witness one event worthy of praise for the Post Office.

    Scene – Christmas 2 years ago, HUGE lines and one Princess type on her cell phone three people in front of me. She’s up next and waltzes up to the window, where the teller (is that what they are?) announces loud & proud “Ma’am I asked for the next customer who was ready. You are talking on your cell phone and are clearly not ready to be helped.”

    I wanted to hug her for venting all of my ex-retailer worker rage in one awesome statement.

  24. ali says:

    grrr. i would probably be crying right now. so frustrating.

    also? can we complain about stores bringing out their fall stuff??? I mean, summer hasn’t even started yet and they are already thinking fall? I feel CHEATED.
    .-= ali´s last blog ..raging. =-.

  25. […] out until August? They won’t ship anything until August, which is 6 weeks away…except Krista beat me to it since apparently we had the exact same thing happen. Although, I’m fairly certain the other […]

  26. […] out until August? They won’t ship anything until August, which is 6 weeks away…except Krista beat me to it since apparently we had the exact same thing happen. Although, I’m fairly certain the other […]

  27. The Baltimore post office must be right behind chicago, because I have had packages (containing BRAND NEW CAMERA LENSES) tossed down our alley, left in our potted shrub (that one was stolen), delivered to random neighbors, returned back to sender, and left at the post office for pickup (only to turn out to actually be back on the truck for re-delivery when I TOOK OFF FROM WORK TO GO TO THE POST OFFICE AND GET MY FUCKING PACKAGE). I haaate the post office. I ship everything to my office instead, even though the front desk ladies shake all the packages and demand to see what you got.

    I got too annoyed with the $25 annual fee and dropped my B&N membership, but when I DID have one they gave me a retroactive discount on books I’d purchased the week before. Or, you could return the book and re-buy it if you’re really mad about the discount (uhh… not that *I’ve* ever cared that much about a 10% coupon). Or you could just return it after you’ve read it for a refund. B&N can be an EXCELLENT personal library. Especially if you’re a member and get free shipping.
    .-= Operation Pink Herring´s last blog ..What it is =-.

  28. Shannon says:

    that is a cute bag. 🙂
    i hate waiting for packages, the last time i had something come in the mail it was at the post office for a week before i knew because yeah, they are supposed to leave that little slip on the door and they didn’t, so i did the same thing you did and checked the tracking and it was here! so apparently it’s post offices everywhere.
    .-= Shannon´s last blog ..Welcome to the world. =-.

  29. Judy says:

    Hey, you could move here to Kentucky. My mail person is so nice that when we forgot to put a stamp on our mail, she paid for it out of her own pocket and left us a note. The postage was 42 cents and I left her two quarters, and she even left change the next day!
    .-= Judy´s last blog ..A Birthday Story =-.

  30. Jacki says:

    You crack me up! I love purses but you know that already and I think I love your purse too! Maybe it should meet my new purse and they can be besties… (or maybe I should get some coffee and stop being ridiculous so early in the morning, I KNOW!)

  31. Danny says:

    Uh, I AM reading this and I AM worried you’re not going to read Rage. Thanks for putting my mind at ease. 🙂
    .-= Danny´s last blog ..Please Tell Me Pink Is The New Tan =-.

  32. Shopgirl says:

    OMG – I’m at least glad you got the purse! Which is WAY cute and Yellow? Is like the Happiest Color – so maybe that will help you have a better week? Ugggh, I’m too glass 1/2 full for myself right now!

    Anyway -I’d be pissed too (and mostly about the clothes not the money) – but after reading your rant – I’m sorta laughing (with you, with you) my arse off!!

    I hope you get your capris and sweaters!
    .-= Shopgirl´s last blog ..Ok – so it’s been three days instead of two =-.

  33. Chibi Jeebs says:

    So what happened?!?

    I had to file two complaints with Canada Post because the parcel delivery dude (different than the regular mail delivery guy) was leaving my packages with, oh, whichever random resident (66 units in my building with Jeebus-only-knows how many people in each apartment) happened by the foyer!!1one! (imagine my head exploding here) Both times I was so unfreakinbelievably lucky that the people who had my stuff were HONEST and dropped the boxes outside my door, but geez.
    .-= Chibi Jeebs´s last blog ..Jonesing for a fix =-.

  34. rina says:

    what an interesting story…
    the purse is lovely…
    .-= rina´s last blog ..Your Herbal Remedy For Acid Reflux =-.