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Posted By on October 26, 2008

Before we begin, I would like to point out that I have showered six days in a row. This may seem like nothing to most of you who are employed, but this is my longest stretch since I was employed. AND, I have to shower on Monday, so that will be SEVEN DAYS STRAIGHT! I rule!

I have nothing to talk about. Even though I’ve actually showered and left the house for a lot of days in a row. So I figured that I would write a post about all the things I thought that were too stupid to actually post about.

  • I refuse to turn the heat on until November. I don’t care if it snows in October, I will not turn the heat on. Oh, and newsflash! I don’t pay for my heat, so it isn’t a cost issue. IT IS THE PRINCIPLE. I think all my years of living in Arizona and California made me spoiled. It should not be cold in October.
  • Even though it kind of snowed today. It wasn’t rain and it wasn’t snow, something in between called something weird that the weatherman told me about today. But still, it is COLD here right now. Our high tomorrow is 43. And I won’t turn the heat on. I will add layers and blankets. Because I’m a fucking weirdo.
  • And also, I may just wear my flip flops one more time this year before it snows because I do not want to let go of the warm weather.


  • So then I figured I would talk about my birth control prescription. Because how exciting is that? Actually, I was thinking today as I pulled into CVS to pick up some drug storey things, that every job I’ve had where I have done mail order prescriptions, I’ve either changed insurances or lost my job.
  • It’s actually happened with the last three jobs. I turn in the mail order prescription form and not a few months later, I’m left without a job.
  • As I mailed in the last mail-order form for my last job, I actually told someone “every time I do mail order prescriptions, I lose my job. Hahahaha.”
  • A few months later, I lost my job.
  • God hates me saving money on birth control. IT IS THE ONLY EXPLANATION.


  • What is with the women on The Real Housewives of Atlanta? I’ve never watched any of the Real Housewives series, so I don’t know how these ladies compare. But does anyone else want to smack these bitches upside their well-coiffed heads?
  • I may be biased because I NEEDED to know who Kim’s Big Poppa was, so I Googled it. And I was then drowning in HATERADE. See?
  • I really just wanted to use the word haterade in my life. Mission asscomplished.


  • So Monday night, I’m going out for drinks with some old co-workers from my previous employer. Some of the people going are also unemployed or have found other opportunities. I’m excited to see those people and share unemployment/interviewing stories.
  • Two of the people going out are the two people who are still currently working for the company. Two people that I have not talked to since I left that place of employment. Two people that I do not consider friends. One is my former boss, the other is the man who sat next to me for months and REFUSED TO TALK TO ME. For no reason at all.
  • Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to it. Because said dude is going to tell us all about how busy they are and how they can’t keep up and that they are going in such great directions at the company and it is so exciting. He did this after I got my notice, so I am expecting it.
  • But I just realized that since I do not work there anymore, nor am I friends with them, I won’t feel bad if I tell them to FUCK OFF when they start talking like that.
  • And that? WILL FEEL SO GOOD!


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23 Responses to “This Is A Post About Nothing”

  1. Kristie says:

    I turned the heater one earlier last week and it pained me to do so. The only reason I did was because I don’t think my toddler is aware enough to pull a blanket over him if he’s cold.

    Have fun at your drinks date! Tell that mean person to stop being a douche.

    Kristies last blog post..Honest

  2. Mahnee says:

    HA! You get that “I won’t turn the heat on in October” from your mother!!!!! Although, in her old age, Mom is cranking the heat in the morning to get into the shower & not freeze.

    It’s supposed to warm up at the end of the week for the thugs to go trick or treating. Yes, there will be kiddies out but after 6pm, thugs.

  3. Angella says:

    I just loaded the fire (we have a woof-burning furnace. I REFUSE TO BE COLD. 🙂

    Angellas last blog post..Guarding My Heart

  4. OK Who is Kim’s big poppa? I didn’t find the answer. I NEED ANSWERS. Perhaps Bacon can clarify?

    HollowSquirrels last blog post..You Are Entering…the Squirrelight Zone

  5. Raven says:

    Dude, the haterade made me feel better about Sharon totally pussin out and keeping Megan and Lacey on Charm School. I am totally disappointed in Sharon. the only way she can redeem herself is by totally making them both REALLY cry. BRUTALLY. Over and over again.

    Ravens last blog post..i’d need too much reflection to come up with a proper title

  6. “Drowning in haterade.” I think I love you.

    Anonymous New Yorks last blog post..Lentil Soup and Messy Closets

  7. I’m still impressed with your every day showers. If I were unemployed it would be, like, two a week.

    nancypearlwannabes last blog post..Testing… Testing…

  8. Noelle says:

    I can’t figure out which bullet point to comment on. So I’ll just confirm that I too am waiting to turn on my heat, although I admit I left it on overnight on Friday because I was proofing bread in the kitchen.

    Noelles last blog post..This Weekend

  9. Darcey says:

    As an Atlanta resident (who actually lives in “exclusive Sandy Springs” – which I promise is not that exclusive), I’m both horrified and yet still drawn to the show.

    Also, I have a story to tell about one of the “ladies” but it will have to wait until the episode airs.

  10. Elle Charlie says:

    Good job on the showering! I actually showered today too! Big stuff for me, since my husband is on an overnight for work and so really, no one but the dog will be seeing me until tomorrow…

    I think God wants you to have a baby – perhaps you have a mission, like Sarah Connor?

    Elle Charlies last blog post..Lazy Sunday weekend recap

  11. JRM says:

    Dear Reverened Bacon,

    It seems that there are several people from high school, that I barely remember and haven’t talked to in 18 years, who have befriended me on facebook, but spell my name wrong when writing through facebook. This cornfuses me as my name is correctly spelled, in full, on my profile. Also, it has never changed. Is there a polite way to say “Hey dumbass, you spelled my name wrong”? Should I dumb down my name for them?

    Basking in your most greasyness,


  12. Celia says:

    Even though I don’t love my town, I do love how warm it is in NC. I wore short sleeves all weekend.

    Dear Bacon,
    How do I get the crazy spammers to stop sending me “exclusive” offers for jobs at Wal-Mart and P3Ni5 enlargement. How did I get on this list from hell? Is it because I moved back to the South? Please save me!

    Celias last blog post..Is There Such a Thing as Non-Crazy Family

  13. Evil Genius says:

    My mother-in-law would tell you it’s God hating you for using birth control (as any good confirmed Catholic of her generation would tell you!!!). LOL

    And if those stupid ex-co-workers start getting all mouthy about how great their company is, pipe up and yell, “Great! So you’re buying the next round, right?” 🙂

    Evil Geniuss last blog post..A Dose of Happy

  14. Rhi says:

    I read somewhere yesterday that it’s Quincy Jones. I’ll try and find where I found that…

    Rhis last blog post..Friday Bullets: Houseguest Edition

  15. Candy says:

    I have watched a few episodes of that stupid show, I must admit. I did actually watch a few of the other two, so I was semi-interested, but these 5 women are wacked.

    My favorite, however, was when I clicked on your link and read their bios, and the VERY FIRST COMMENT from someone named Tiffany:

    “This shit is not even real….. I cant wait for it to air because then the truth and the embarrasment will come out. All these Bitches is not balling, some are lieing they ass off. It’s easy to look like you balling in Atl. This is going to be real funny. After you watch this shit…stay tuned to Whistle Blowers!!!!!!”

    Come on. Don’t you want to watch it now?? I mean, they Bitches be balling! Or something.

    Candys last blog post..Some Tidbits

  16. jen says:

    I was one of those “no heat until November 1” people, until last week when I couldn’t even if I wanted to – lazy landlords… It was so cold on Wednesday that the cat slept in a ball and didn’t move for 12 hours and I had to sleep with a heating pad.

  17. Ree says:

    If I didn’t turn on the heat until November, I would be a popsicle.

    Rees last blog post..More MeMe

  18. Scarlet says:

    I’m the same way about not turning on the heat too early. I hate it when people wear a t-shirt and then turn the heat up.

    HOWEVER, I expect it to be cooler (60s at the MOST) in october and am always disappointed when we get those last few warm days.

    Scarlets last blog post..A Classic Arts Showcase

  19. I think showering six days in a row is a big deal.

    Sarah, Goon Squad Sarahs last blog post..Another SATGS PSA – Metal Trivets

  20. Juan Luis says:

    I laughed at your comment about not turning on the heat, I was cold in my office all day. I left my jacket on, and sat at my desk all day wearing it only to realize when I got up at the end of the day that I had been sitting there all day in my jacket. Didn’t notice at lunch..only at the end of the day.

    Gotta love Chicago weather!

    Juan Luiss last blog post..There are friends, there are “Facebook Friends”, and then there are those who are netiher.

  21. Jen says:

    Fletch told me he was turning on the heat last night and didn’t care about my arbitrary November 1 date because he was cold NOW.

    I finally stopped shivering in my house, so maybe he wasn’t all wrong (regardless of how much it bothers me to run the heat in the same month I run the AC.)

    Jens last blog post..I Pack, You Caption

  22. I have seen a few snippets of RH of Atlanta, so I clicked over to see who Big Poppa really is… and I got distracted by the commenter who said “If you are purposively a respectable person in the city of Atlanta, why would you demean yourselves this way?”

    PURPOSIVELY? The show just got 100x more awesome.

  23. Curlatini says:

    Wait, who is Kim’s Big Poppa? I am dying to know!

    Curlatinis last blog post..Weekend plans