The Intertubes Are Conspiring Against Me

| March 16, 2011

Alternate Title: Al Gore Haaaaates Meeeeee! I know what you’re all thinking – “Wow, she decides to start blogging regularly again and keeps it up for like a week. YAWN.” But! I have an excuse! Of course I do! The cat puked on my laptop! (Actually, that really happened. And thankfully it did no damage. […]

Rant On, Rant Off

| October 13, 2010

So I haven’t written here in awhile. Mostly because I am lazy. I’m sorry, I’m way behind on my DVR. There are so many recordings I need to watch and my couch is very comfortable and not super conducive to writing. Well, it is, but it’s much more conducive to me laying on it with […]