The Sunday Dreads

| March 14, 2010

I used to enjoy blogging on Sunday nights. I wasn’t in a crunch for time because I could start at 3 PM or whenever because I wasn’t at work all day! And usually I’d have some hijinks that I would want to share with you all from my weekend. But lately, it’s been the opposite. […]

Dive Bars

| March 9, 2010

My weekend last weekend wasn’t just contained to meeting my little leprechaun. (I was just going to write “follow your nose!” and then realized that was Toucan Sam.) ANYWAY, after my interesting Friday night, I again put my big girl panties on (around 2 PM) and got ready to head out to a pub crawl they […]

The Luck O’ The Irish?

| March 8, 2010

Disclaimer: If you are my mother, related to me, work with me or used to work with me, you might want to skip this post. You have been warned. On Friday night my friend Lara was having a get together for her birthday. I spent the day whining to anyone who would listen because I […]


| March 7, 2010

I’m currently watching the Oscars and refreshing Twitter a thousand times a minute because then it feels like I am back in college and watching the Oscars with my friend Amber. It’s not as fun to make snarky comments to your cats. They don’t really care and are more amused by licking their assholes. Anyway, […]

Thursday Night Mash Up

| March 4, 2010

Did you know I got a new laptop? HAVE I MENTIONED THAT AT ALL? So far, I love it. The hardest thing is getting used to the new keyboard. See, this has a full keyboard, with the number pad thingy, so I keep lining up in the middle of the laptop to type and end […]