High School Musical

| May 9, 2012

This past weekend I spent with a lot of people from my youth. My friend Darcie organized a walk to support a fight against MS. It was out in Naperville. And because that is far and I’m not a morning person, I drove out Saturday evening to spend some time with my friend Darcie, whom […]


| April 9, 2012

You guys, I have an obsessive personality. I find something I like and if I really, really like it, there is nothing else I want to talk about, read about, listen to, etc. This explains why I’m fat and a boozebag. Also a couch potato. Food and booze and TV? ALL GOOD THINGS. First I […]


| January 6, 2008

So this coming weekend, I’m going over to my stepmom’s for the weekend to watch the house and make sure my three half-sisters don’t burn it down or throw some wild and crazy raging party. And if they do, I’m sure I’ll embarrass all of them by calling it a “rager” because that’s just how […]