DINAO Round 10 – The Culinary Edition

| July 25, 2008

Before we get to another installment of Death Is Not An Option, I have to share this email exchange I had with someone at work today regarding our upcoming sales training session next week. Him: Is the conference still on? Me: Yes. Did you not get your email confirmation? Him: No. I DID NOT. Me: […]

DINAO Round 9 – The iPod Version

| April 25, 2008

Hey, know what we haven’t done in awhile? Death Is Not An Option! So this time I thought I’d come up with a very scientific way of choosing our contestants. 1) Turn on iPod. 2) Turn on shuffle option. 3) Play first song. 4) Write down singer or group of song. 5) Skip to next […]

DINAO Round 8 – The Boys Of Summer Edition

| March 31, 2008

It’s Opening Day! Baseball season is officially here! Which means that maybe it will stop snowing and get above 40 degrees. And maybe I’ll be able to wear flip flops again sometime soon. It also means it is completely acceptable to start drinking before noon and spend all day drinking Old Style and making out […]

DINAO Round 7 – The Cartoon Edition

| March 20, 2008

Because I love cartoons and because I love all of you readers, I have pulled my sick ass out of bed to do this week’s Death Is Not An Option. This one just makes me giggle because the idea of sleeping with cartoons is just funny. But that may be the cold medicine talking. Anyway, […]

DINAO Round 6 – The Rapper Version

| March 15, 2008

I know you were all thinking there would be no Death Is Not An Option this week. And most of you probably won’t look at this until Monday anyway. But at least I know that I did one this week. I had all intentions to do this Thursday night. Because while I did have another […]