DINAO Week 15 – The Halloween Edition

| October 29, 2009

Hey! Saturday is Halloween. Did you know that? I hate Halloween. You can read why here. And last year I was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune about my hate of the holiday and then people ripped me apart in the comments of the article. It was ENTERTAINING! But a lot of people like Halloween. So […]

DINAO Week 14 – The TV Pitchman Edition

| August 27, 2009

Welcome to another edition of Death Is Not An Option. This week’s theme comes from the lovely TUWABVB, who suggested I do famous TV pitchmen. As a reminder, the object of this game is when given an option of two people below, you have to pick one to sleep with. The caveat being death is […]

DINAO Round 13 – The John Hughes Tribute Edition

| August 13, 2009

Scarlet suggested doing a John Hughes tribute for Death Is Not An Option with some of our favorite characters from his movies. I think there is no better way to honor him, the man who made the movies that defined our youth. As a reminder, the object of this game is when given an option […]

DINAO Round 12 – The Judges Edition

| July 21, 2009

Hey! Do you know what we haven’t done in awhile? DEATH IS NOT AN OPTION! I just looked in my archives and the last time I did one of these was in October. That is far too long to go with thinking about disgusting people to sleep with. Plus my mom keeps harassing me to […]

DINAO Round 11 – The Reality TV Edition

| October 14, 2008

Celebrate! It’s another edition of Death Is Not An Option! Oh how we have all missed it so. It has been a few long months since our last edition. For those of you new here, the object of the game is when given the choice of two people, you have to pick which of the […]