4/19/08 – The Day I Officially Became Old

| April 21, 2008

This weekend I had big plans. Big drinking plans. An event I was looking forward to for weeks. I was going to the cubs game on Saturday afternoon, watching the game from one of the rooftops on Waveland Avenue. I was going to drink myself silly because I spent a good chunk of money (part […]

I Mean Hate In A Good Way

| March 4, 2008

First off, I would like to talk about milk. I did not realize that people had such strong feelings about milk. But I would like to clarify, that I love milk. It does a body good. And it is so tasty. I don’t just drink it with meals. Sometimes I just drink it for the hell of […]

This Pedestal Is Kind Of High

| November 20, 2007

We were sitting at a bar tonight, celebrating the fact that we all still have jobs, at least for one more day, and we started talking about Michael Jordan. And the talk turned to how he’s probably one of the most attractive men in the world and that he was a crazy womanizer. As evidenced […]

They Called Him El Genio

| July 30, 2007

It’s a sad day in the sports world. Today marked the passing of arguably one of the greatest football coaches in the history of the game. Today, Bill Walsh passed away after battling leukemia for quite some time. I’m quite sad about it. I had heard through some of the San Francisco writers that he […]

Hello Betty Ford? Can I Make A Reservation?

| May 14, 2007

I know. Where the fuck have I been? Well, for a simple answer, I’ve been trying to drink myself into rehab. (Because Britney and Lindsay seem to have so much fun there!) Or try to flush my liver out my nose. Or something. Sometimes, jobs? They are a good thing. Besides helping pay the bills and […]