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Posted By on July 18, 2011

I made it to the dentist. The verdict was not good, as I suspected it would be. Since there is like no tooth above my gum line, underneath the crown, there isn’t much we can do. She temporarily cemented it back on, but since it’s not really cemented to much, we’re going to have to pull it.

That and then do an implant. A process that will take 6-18 months and cost me thousands of dollars. So, that’s fun, huh?

My temporary solution is to do nothing and just stare at the oral surgeon referral that is sitting on my desk at work and pretend I don’t see it. Because extra money is something I do not have. Especially thousands of extra monies.

My thinking is I’ll call the oral surgeon next month. We’ll do a consult and then he’ll pull the tooth. And then I’ll fall off the face of the Earth until 2012 when I can put away thousands of monies in my Flexible Spending account to help offset the out-of-pocket costs. And it’s the dentist, if it isn’t a cleaning, there are ALWAYS out-of-pocket costs, even with insurance.

I trust my dentist and she doesn’t recommend things that are cosmetic. And I saw the remnants of my “tooth” and know it’s not much and starting to decay and it’s just better to get the thing pulled.


I finished Mad Men this weekend. I watched 7 episodes on Sunday. That and laundry was about all I did. Which was fine, seeing as I was a little hungover from the enormous amounts of vodka I sucked down on Saturday. Dear self, just because it seems to have no liquor in it and it is hot out and you’re thirsty doesn’t mean you need to drink it like it is water. You may up puking on the floor in the corner of the bar later in the night. I said MIGHT.


I ended up buying these Nike flip flops and they are amazeballs. They are so cushy and so comfy and it feels like you’re walking on pillows. They are exactly what I need for commuting in this swamp we call Chicago in July.


I was on a boat Friday night at the Chicago Yacht Club. It was my first time at a Yacht Club. I got really excited to get my “I’m On A Boat” badge on foursquare, but it turns out, the Chicago Yacht Club isn’t marked as a boating venue. Therefore, no badge for me.

But I did learn a fun game you can play called Yachter or Notta Yachter. It was very entertaining.

I would like to also point out that I had a beer on a yacht on Friday night and that boat ended up winning the 103rd Race to Mackinac Island. Coincidence? I think not.

This will be my pick-up line the next time I end up at a Yacht Club. Something along the lines of “I’m lucky, do you wanna get lucky?”



I think I have finally caught up on my sleep. The weekend before this last one, I was out by my sister’s to help her take care of my niece Maddie since my sister had just had back surgery. And Maddie decided this would be a perfect time to get her one-year molars and NOT SLEEP. And since I’m not really used to any noise while sleeping, besides the fan, the AC or the cats being stupid, hearing a baby fuss (I was sleeping in her room with her), kind of scared the beejeesus out of me. So much so, I leaped out of bed every time she made a peep. And then took me a little longer to fall back asleep. Just in time for her to fuss again.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much rest that weekend. I don’t know how you parental people do it.

Thankfully she’s cute. So I’ll forgive her.

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9 Responses to “Mish Mash”

  1. Jessica says:

    Sorry to hear about your tooth… thousands of monies are never easy to part with. You should probably get that rotten pointy shard of tooth yanked ASAP though, so it doesn’t get worse. 🙁

    I love that you said “Amazeballs.” I’m going to have to add that to the list of things I want to say in a conversation, like “douchewaffle”. Of course, while I have all kinds of opportunity to use that one on my kids (despite their innate loveliness, they are totally capable of acting like douchewaffles), it’s not really the kind of thing you want them coming out with in kindergarten. I could probably work amazeballs in somewhere though!

    Isn’t it nice when you can hand them back while you still like them? My sister is having a baby in December. I am SO looking forward to being a favourite aunt instead of cranky mean mummy.

  2. Daisy says:


    We should start playing this game everywhere methinks.

  3. Oh my gosh, that just sucks about your tooth. I’m really sorry.

  4. -R- says:

    I am avoiding the dentist, even though I have a cavity. You are not helping.

    I have heard good things about those flip flops. Glad you like them.

    Cute niece! I can’t believe how big she’s getting!

  5. Lisa says:

    that sucks about your tooth. I have two maryland bridges I had put in when I was fifteen, and they are ten years past their average lifespan, and they are too small and make my smile look funny….but I got an estimate last year and two new teeth are $7000, so I will be living with them until they fall out and force me to do something.

    Can you just get the tooth pulled and deal with a replacement later? (Is it in the back, or is it noticeable in the front?)

  6. sister p says:

    Maddie says maybe you will get you 35yr molar and wont have to get an implant- LOL! We will take care of you if it keeps you up all night! Thank you for taking care of us!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  7. I don’t know how parents do it, either. I want to have a baby someday, but I also really like sleep, and staying up all night and sleeping in. I? Am not a morning person. At all. It’s going to be interesting when Mike and I finally decide to have kids. Right now, I’m perfectly content with my cat. She doesn’t wake me up. Much.

    I hate oral surgery. I have a super high tolerance for pain, but for some reason, oral surgery and I are not friends. I got all four of my wisdom teeth yanked a few years ago and I still quiver at the thought. My sister has had so many oral surgeries, it’s insane. And she’s still not used to it. I know it’s a necessary evil, but it sucks. I hope yours isn’t too bad, and I hope you can put off the implant as long as possible. I so don’t understand why dental procedures cost so freaking much.

  8. denny144 says:

    I went through the implant ordeal several years ago and did the juggling with the flexible spending account. You have to have the tooth pulled, then you wait while that heals and the dentist puts in a base for the crown and that has to heal in place and then you do the crown. So I put everything off until October and used up the rest of my FSA for year and then timed it so that I would be ready for the crown work in January when my new FSA (which I was able to bump up to exactly what I knew it would cost) went into effect. The worst part for me was having the empty space where the tooth used to be and although it was a side tooth not a front one, I was still self-conscious. My dentist was not happy about the delays — something about the other teeth moving into the empty space, blah blah blah — but I told him he could eat the bill or wait. Somebody’s going to come after me with a drill for saying this but dentists and their staff are so far removed from reality when it comes to dental bills since they don’t have to pay or get reduced rates (professional courtesy and all). And why is it that dental insurance doesn’t pay as much of the total bill as regular medical insurance does?

  9. alimartell says:

    UGH> I have a similar tooth situation and I am hoping this crown stays put because if it doesn’t…my future will be the same as yours. The whole being so super close to the gumline thing? BAD NEWS.