This Qualifies As Good News

Posted By on November 9, 2008

This is actually only news to like maybe three people. Since because of Twitter, it is easier to share news like this in 140 characters.

But anyway, in a few days time, I will be returning to the ranks of the gainfully employed. I will be required to brush my teeth every day and take showers and actually have conversations with adults and not just my cats. It is a good time in my life. Any longer and I’m sure I would turn into some sort of hermit who hordes newspapers and take out menus.

In other words, I GOT A J-O-B!!! (That’s totally deserving of the multiple exclamation points!) NaIFinGoJoMo is a SUCCESS!

I obviously won’t go into any details on here, but I am really excited about the opportunity. I really think it will be a great fit.

In other news, my cats are not excited about this turn of events. They have actually enjoyed having me home. Weird, I know. I thought they’d miss throwing all those Kitty Kat Shindigs that I hear are all the rage in the neighborhood. But they will soon be excited about this change, since it means I can still afford to buy them food.

On the other hand, my pajama pants are overjoyed at this news. They are excited that they may stick around for a bit longer since there isn’t the threat that they will be soon turning into tattered rags from all the overuse they have been getting. Seeing as I haven’t worn a non-pajama pant in consecutive days for a few months.

So, yay! For the job and also because I’m rewarding myself with an iPhone as a “Yay! You got a job!” gift.

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  1. Soooo happy for you, girly! Enjoy that new iPhone!!

    La Petite Chics last blog post..Exhaling…

  2. Huge congrats! You deserve only good things, and I know this is the start of something really fantastic.


    She Likes Purples last blog post..26 weeks

  3. Issy says:


  4. Angella says:

    Sorry I’m so late with the congrats (Computer issues)…

    Happy for you! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!

    Angellas last blog post..I’m So SAD

  5. Naylah says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!!! Now that I have been at home for about two months unemployed – I really dont wanna go back!!!!!

    Naylahs last blog post..The E Word