My Last Monday

| March 21, 2011

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then you probably aren’t aware of my news. Well, here you go – today was the last Monday I will work at my current job. That’s right, kids, I GOT A NEW JOB! /smattering of applause If you know me outside this blog at all, you know this […]

This Qualifies As Good News

| November 9, 2008

This is actually only news to like maybe three people. Since because of Twitter, it is easier to share news like this in 140 characters. But anyway, in a few days time, I will be returning to the ranks of the gainfully employed. I will be required to brush my teeth every day and take […]

Panic! At The Unemployment Office

| October 22, 2008

Since I’ve joined the BlogHer ad network, I have had this weird obsession with coming up with crazy blog titles just to see them show up in other people’s sidebars. Look, I am unemployed and I have to get entertainment from anywhere I can. And this kind of entertainment is FREE! Do not judge me. So, […]


| October 10, 2008

First off, I have to share with you what I purchased at Target today. Yes, it is boxed wine. But look! It comes in a cube. In four single servings. (Well, single servings if you aren’t ME.) Or as I’ve decided they should be marketed, JUICE BOXES FOR WINE! JUICE BOXES FOR ADULTS! JUICE BOXES […]

It’s A Wonder Anyone Ever Gave Me A Job

| October 2, 2008

This week, my vacation was over. Yes, I’m still unemployed, but this week I decided I had to get down to business. The business of becoming gainfully employed before I burn my severance and unemployment money on new duvet covers or fake babies. (Please click on that link so I’m not the only one with […]