Yet Another Post-BlogHer Recap – 2009 Edition

| July 27, 2009

So I had all these grand plans last week to write a witty, charming post before the actual BlogHer conference so that everyone I gave my business card out to could come to my blog and get a better idea who I was from reading something other than a Death Is Not An Option post […]

Hoedown Throwdown

| July 19, 2009

This coming week is the annual BlogHer conference. I went last year for the first time (despite BlogHer ’07 being IN CHICAGO) and had an awesome time. Going into the event, I think I had met just two other bloggers who were going to be in attendance at BlogHer last year in San Francisco – […]

My Therapist Might Have A Point

| July 23, 2008

Monday night I went to my appointment with my therapist. And I told her all about BlogHer and such fun and OMG my internet friends are THE BEST. Somehow later in the conversation, she asked if I thought I spent too much time on the internet. And I was all “pshaw, woman! There is no […]

BlogHer Aught Eight – The Cheetos Caper

| July 22, 2008

Yesterday in the airport I started writing my BlogHer recap post. I knew that everyone would be looking to hear all about the weekend and the hilarity that ensured. And it ensued, let me tell you. But when I sat down to write, I was so overcome with emotion. I was sad that I was […]