DINAO Round 13 – The John Hughes Tribute Edition

Posted By on August 13, 2009

Scarlet suggested doing a John Hughes tribute for Death Is Not An Option with some of our favorite characters from his movies. I think there is no better way to honor him, the man who made the movies that defined our youth.

As a reminder, the object of this game is when given an option of two people below, you have to pick one to sleep with. The caveat being death is not an option. You have to pick one! All the other rounds can be found here.

Without further ado…

Round 13 – The John Hughes Tribute Edition

The Good Boy vs. the Bad Boy Edition

Blane (Pretty in Pink) vs. John Bender (The Breakfast Club)

blane Judd-Nelson-Breakfast-Club

The 80s Cutie Edition

Ferris Bueller vs. Jake Ryan (16 Candles)

ferris jake ryan

The Lovable Nerd Edition

Farmer Ted (16 Candles) vs. Duckie (Pretty in Pink)

farmer ted duckie

The Girls of The Breakfast Club Edition

Claire vs. Allison

claire-breakfast club allison-breakfast club

The Comedy Genius Edition

Uncle Buck vs. Clark Griswold

uncle-buck clark-griswold

The Sidekick Edition

Wyatt (Weird Science) vs. Cameron (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

wyatt-weird science cameron

Leave your choices in the comment! Happy Friday!

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Kristabella, who also answers to “Hey! Drunk Girl!”, is a reformed band geek with an amazing ability to drink most people under the table. You can read her inane ramblings here, where she talks about her exciting life as a spinster with two cats and a fascination for Bacon.


44 Responses to “DINAO Round 13 – The John Hughes Tribute Edition”

  1. Denora says:

    1. Bender – Blane was always a little too whiny for me.
    2. Ferris – You see what kind of shenanigans he can get into OUT of bed…
    3. Duckie – Because “he must practice on melons or something.”
    4. Clare – She at least has a nice rack. And won’t steal my wallet.
    5. Clark – Lesser of two turn offs
    6. Cameron – I always had a crush on him. Still do, actually.
    .-= Denora´s last blog ..Welcome! =-.

  2. regan says:

    1. John Bender.
    2. Ferris Bueller. Jake Ryan is too wholesome or something. He doesn’t seem like he would be as much fun in bed as Ferris.
    3. Duckie because I might snap Farmer Ted in half.
    4. Allison because all I see now with Claire is “Secret Life of American Teen Mom”
    5. Clark. He’s a dork, I like dorks.
    6. Cameron. He needs a pity fuck.
    .-= regan´s last blog ..induction! finally! =-.

  3. Steph T says:

    1) Bender – he’s bad boy hot!
    2) Jake Ryan – YUM!
    3) Duckie – he’s cute in the odd sort of way
    4) Claire – just because I always wanted to be her
    5) Clark – because he is hilarious
    6) Cameron – because he nerdy hot!

  4. See, this is what I’m talking about. None of these would make me want to kill myself.

    1. John Bender
    2. Ferris Bueller
    3. Duckie because I’ve wanted to do him since I was like 6 or something
    4. Allison because you know she is probably kinky
    5. Uncle Buck – Clark is a bumbling fool and probably wouldn’t get it in or something
    6. Cameron HOTT
    .-= Dutchess of Kickball´s last blog ..Life…and Death =-.

  5. Mahnee says:

    OK…except for the comic geniuses, this is my COUGAR version of DINAO!
    1. Bender
    2. Jake…he’s just so pretty
    3. Duckie…too cute and nerdy for words
    4. Claire
    5. Clark Griswold because he IS a comic genius!
    6. Cameron..YUM!

    Squeeee for DINAO, kiddo!!!!

  6. Bender, Jake, Duckie, Allison, Clark, Cameron.
    .-= Jen on the Edge´s last blog ..Chocomania: A gift from afar =-.

  7. This one was too easy.

    1. BENDER – I still think he’s HOT.
    2. Jake – he’s just so pretty (I agree).
    3. Duckie – definitely.
    4. Allison – I’ve always preferred the “weird” girls.
    5. Griswold
    6. Cameron – I don’t find him cute, but he’s sweet.
    .-= C @ Kid Things´s last blog ..For the Love of America =-.

  8. Nic says:

    1. Blane — At least he’d try.
    2. Ferris
    3. Duckie
    4. Allison
    5. Griswold
    6. Cameron
    .-= Nic´s last blog ..God is Love =-.

  9. Scarlet says:

    Zomg what an honor!

    1. John bender- his hair is weird, but love the jean jacket.
    3. Farmer Ted? I’m going to be honest here, I don’t remember either of these guys. I’m not as familiar with his “earlier works”.
    4. Claire- Hate girls who hide in their coats (main girl on Freaks and Geeks I’m looking at you!)
    5. Clark Griswald- Duh! He tries so hard. And I love a big Christmas Tree.
    6. Cameron- Because I could help him loosen up and I’ve never seen Weird Science.
    .-= Scarlet´s last blog ..Hot Stuff =-.

  10. Raven says:

    Dude, all of them are easy except for the last one.

    Bender- no explanation necessary
    Jake- LOVE and in real life he is good with his hands! (Master Carpenter, right?)
    Duckie- He’s the Duck Man.
    Claire- she went after Bender right? She’s got some naughty in her somewhere.
    Clark- So he’d do the sandwich dance for me.
    Wyatt-he ended up in her panties, he must know SOMETHING.

    Wyatt v. Cameron was hard. Can I have them both?
    .-= Raven´s last blog ..how not to be a southern gentleman =-.

  11. Alex says:

    1. Bender
    2. Both! Jake if I can only have one.
    3. Duckie
    4. Claire
    5. Clark
    6. Cameron

  12. Angela says:

    1. Blane
    2. Jake
    3. Duckie
    4. Allison
    5. Buck
    6. I would gladly be the meat in a Wyatt/Cameron sandwich.

  13. TUWABVB says:

    I was going to lament poor Ferris’ fate, but I see he did get a number of votes!
    1. Blane (I hate both of them, but I hate Blane less)
    2. Jake
    3. Duckie
    4. Claire
    5. Clark
    6. Cameron
    .-= TUWABVB´s last blog ..Cowboy Take Me Away =-.

  14. CC says:

    1. Blane
    2. Jake Ryan
    3. Duckie
    4. Allison
    5. Clark Griswold
    6. Wyatt
    .-= CC´s last blog ..How to properly read a James Patterson novel =-.

  15. paperdiva says:

    Jake Ryan. Still the thought of him makes me swoon.
    Duckie (although I admit to a Farmer Ted crush)
    Allison ( I was more like Claire)
    Cameron (I do love Wyatt, too.)

  16. 1. Blane
    2. Jake Ryan
    3. Farmer Ted
    4. Allison
    5. Clark Griswold
    6. Cameron
    .-= nancypearlwannabe´s last blog ..Bingo Wings =-.

  17. Blane
    Jake Ryan (HANDS DOWN, OMG)
    Um, gosh, Duckie, I guess
    .-= She Likes Purple´s last blog ..What’s best =-.

  18. Darcey says:

    1. Bender – I love a bad boy…
    2. Jake – Yeah, definitely Jake.
    3. Duckie – He’s adorable! And so sincere!
    4. Allison – Claire doesn’t look like she’d be too interested unless it was making out just to get guys’ attention.
    5. Griswold – I have a soft spot for him after Vegas Vacation.
    6. Cameron – Um, he resembles my bf. ‘Nuff said.
    .-= Darcey´s last blog ..Moving Target =-.

  19. Carrisa says:

    1. Blane (I have a thing for Andrew McCarthy)
    2. Ferris
    3. Duckie
    4. Claire
    5. Clark
    6. Cameron

  20. 1. Blane
    2. Ferris Bueller
    3. Duckie
    4. Allison
    5. I can’t believe this, but Uncle Buck. Are Clark Griswold and Chevy Chase the same person? If they’re not then they must be twins. and I HATE Chevy Chase, hence, no Clark for me.
    6. Wyatt
    .-= sparklytosingle´s last blog ..The Relationship Chronicles: Tex, the Conclusion =-.

  21. Julie K says:

    1. Bender. No worries about a last minute prom ditching; no horrible prom dress. Just 40s in a brown bag
    2. Jake. He had a car! (And also the hotness)
    3. Farmer Ted. Love Duckie, but he was a bit…overwhelming. Ted had other friends.
    4. Allison. She’s prepared if you ever have to jam.
    5. Uncle Buck. Particularly in the pancake division
    6. Wyatt all the way.
    .-= Julie K´s last blog ..Why I’m on my second vodka/lemonade… =-.

  22. Tiffaney says:

    1. Blaine. Always
    2. Jake. Always wanted that damn Jake. But with age comes wisdom: he’s too good looking, he probably sucks in bed b/c he never had to work for it. And my college sweetheart was a deadringer Ferris lookalike and had the same charm so been there done that.
    3. Ted. He’d be so grateful, he’d do anything you tell him.
    4. Claire. Only because DINAO. Seriously.
    5. Clark. That smirk spells trouble.
    6. Cameron. Loyal, humble, compliant. (hmm, I think I see a pattern here?)

  23. -R- says:

    OMG, who are these people NOT PICKING JAKE RYAN?! What is wrong with them?!

    Ok, anyway.

    1. Blaine. He’s cuter.
    2. Jake Ryan, duh.
    3. Ted. I think Ted would be sweet. Ducky would just be weird.
    4. Claire. She’s cuter and also cleaner.
    5. Clark. Eh, neither appeals to me.
    6. Cameron. I don’t think I’ve ever seen all of Weird Science. Cameron seems like a good (but depressed) guy.
    .-= -R-´s last blog ..Nine Months Is =-.

  24. Kelly says:

    1. John Bender baby he was so hot in that movie
    2. Jake Ryan (of course)
    3. Duckie, shudder
    4. Allison, can’t stand a prissy chick like Claire
    5. Clark Griswold, he can make me laugh my arse off
    6. Cameron
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..Where Am I?? =-.

  25. Dude, John Hughes would love this idea. Well done.

    1) Blane
    2) Jake Ryan – the one, the only. No question.
    3) Farmer Ted (hey, if the hottest girl in school thought he knew what to do . . . )
    4) Claire
    5) Clark Griswold

    (Adding my own honorable mention) – Steff, the mysteriously hot James Spader a la “Pretty in Pink”. I’d take him over any of the above except for #2.
    .-= Legallyblondemel´s last blog ..Pretty Travels, Travel Q & A Ed. =-.

  26. Oops – and #6, Cameron. Gotta love him: “Please don’t say we’re not going to take the car home . . .”
    .-= Legallyblondemel´s last blog ..Pretty Travels, Travel Q & A Ed. =-.

  27. Carri says:

    Blane-Love him in St. Elmos Fire
    Jake Ryan (my girlfriend named her son after this character)
    Farmer Ted (Totally hot Totally hot! love that line while he was dancing around “Sam”)

  28. ali says:

    um, i’m sorry, did you say anything other than JAKE RYAN?!?!?

    mmmm….jake ryan…
    .-= ali´s last blog ..newfound respect! =-.

  29. whoorl says:

    1. John Bender
    2. JAKE FUCKING RYAN (Kind of love him.)
    3. Duckie
    4. Clare
    5. Clark
    6. Cameron

    (What about Steff in Pretty in Pink for #1? The pretentious ass that you looooove to hate…love me some James Spader.)

  30. lceel says:

    I’m only picking one – CLARE – because she was, is and always will be HAWT.
    .-= lceel´s last blog ..Friday haiku – Dead Gremlins =-.

  31. Bender

    And I can’t pick…I love both Cameron & Wyatt equally.
    .-= Dyfunction Junction´s last blog ..It’s still the greatest =-.

  32. Ree says:

    .-= Ree´s last blog ..A Poem for Detroit =-.

  33. gorillabuns says:

    1)jake ryan or Bender
    2)why the hell not jake ryan people?????
    3)jake ryan or Duckie
    4)jake ryan or Claire
    5)jake ryan or Uncle Buck
    6)jake ryan or Wyatt – seriously, no wyatt people???

    okay, you never said that i couldn’t pick jake ryan for everything! just death wasn’t an option.
    .-= gorillabuns´s last blog ..metronome =-.

  34. Sheri says:

    Best EVER DINAO!!!

    1. Blane, cuz I’m po and wouldn’t mind a rich guy.
    2. JAKE RYAN….why?? Because he’s JAKE fucking RYAN!!!! Twice a day and three times on Sunday…
    3. Duckie…because he’s just cute in the geekiest way…
    4. Claire…because the other chick scared me.
    5. Uncle Buck…because he would make me laugh.
    6. Wyatt or Cameron…I like both…

    But I LOVES me some JAKE RYAN…sorry, but I can’t help but scream his name….practice you know.
    .-= Sheri´s last blog ..Oops He did it again =-.

  35. pseudostoops says:

    1. Bender, obvs.
    2. Beuller
    3. Duckie (but eesh, they’re both so SHORT)
    4. Allison
    5. Clark
    6. Cameron, clearly.
    .-= pseudostoops´s last blog ..Hobbies =-.

  36. Alice says:


    1. bender. yumm bad boys
    2. beuller
    3. ted – he’d totally be Willing To Please
    4. allison all the way
    5. clark
    6. cameron!
    .-= Alice´s last blog ..eharmony: i am not compatible =-.

  37. Kerri Anne says:

    I love! this, and you’re right, it’s totally too easy, but still SO much fun. OK!

    1. Blane
    2. Ferris
    3. Duckie
    4. Claire
    5. Clark
    6. Cameron! (I LOVE(d) Cameron.)
    .-= Kerri Anne´s last blog ..Choose Your Own Adventure =-.

  38. 1. Blaine
    Dude, he has horses! And Bender looks like he smells a little.
    2. Jake
    I always wanted to do it inside that glass table.
    3. Duckie
    He sings!
    4. Allison
    I think Claire would be all “Ewww, what’s that?” and my self-esteem couldn’t take a chick freaking out at my girly parts.
    5. Uncle Buck
    It’s the cigar. I know, blame Bill Clinton.
    6. Cameron
    Urgh! Wyatt would be like doing it with Claire.
    .-= thecoconutdiaries´s last blog ..Ess See Ecks =-.

  39. Deidre says:

    1. Blane – I like ’em clean cut.
    2. Ferris – What that man does in a parade…is my dream.
    3. Duckie – he had me at Try a Little Tenderness
    4. Claire, her 80s dance moves are awesome.
    5. I am embarrassed to say, I am unfamiliar with these two gentlemen, but I am going with Clark – because he reminds of tim robbins character in A Sure Thing who always sings show tunes.
    6. Cameron.
    .-= Deidre´s last blog ..Hit the road Jack, and don’tcha come back no more no more no more no more… =-.

  40. Mollywood says:

    1. Bender. He could throw me around like a rag-doll….and that’s a good thing!
    2. JAKE RYAN!
    3. Duckie Dale HERE! “Because when the Duck kissed me, my thighs went up in flames.”
    4. Claire – Allison scares me still
    5. Clark
    6. Let My Cameron Go!

  41. caleal says:

    Clark Cameron

  42. Sara McG says:

    wow the obsession with Jake Ryan, seriously ladies keep your panties on. Personally, I think he is too much of a pretty boy but we all have our type.

    Okay here are my choices

    I love DINAO
    .-= Sara McG´s last blog ..Hi, remember us? =-.

  43. Jennie says:

    Love this DINAO!

    .-= Jennie´s last blog ..Japanese Festival =-.

  44. 1) Bender
    2) Jake Ryan
    3) Ted
    4) Allison
    5) Clark (I don’t know, he’s taller and probably cleaner)
    6) Cameron (see #5)
    .-= Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah´s last blog ..Woose =-.