All Weekends Should Be 3-Day Weekends

Posted By on May 26, 2008

I just realized this morning that I have had that drunk post up for far too long. And that maybe people would think that I was lying in a gutter with red wine coming out my pores since no one has heard from me after a $5 wine induced drunken haze.

I did spend most of my weekend drinking. But I did not end up in any gutters. But I did wake up on some strange couch with a rat sleeping on my stomach on Sunday morning. But then I realized I was at my sister’s and that was her annoying purse dog sleeping on me.

I didn’t do any drinking on Friday, but I did meet up with Marianne and got to meet her little guy, Nathan. It was great! I love me some babies! And he is so adorable!

Yes, he’s totally about to cry in that last photo. But it so isn’t because of me. There must have been a monster in that Starbucks posing as a barista.

The rest of my weekend was all about graduation. My half-sister Kelsey graduated from high school. And since high school classes are like 8,345 people now, they are running out of places to hold them. So her graduation ceremony was Saturday night at 8 PM, which has to be the most inconvenient time for that sort of thing, at some bigger indoor arena and then her party was on Sunday.

After the ceremony on Saturday night, we went out for a few drinks. And since it was like the only bar close to the arena, half of the faculty from my sister’s high school showed up. And she and her older sister got all excited and were hugging their teachers and catching up.

Which made me think, is this normal? I don’t think I could name like five of my high school teachers. And if I saw them, especially like two years after graduation, I would not be hugging. I would be slinking down in my seat and hiding. Kids today are weird.

The party on Sunday was fun. I love my stepmom’s family. They are so funny and all we seriously do is laugh and drink alcohol. What could be better? Well, that is until the drama starts. I tell you, every party they have, there is some sort of fight or someone storming out, or someone not talking to someone else. Two years ago at the last graduation party, my stepmom’s one sister STORMED out of the house in a huff and proceeded to get in the wrong car and try to drive away. And it took her longer than you would think to realize that small fact. Meanwhile, we were all watching her. Laughing AT her. We still bring it up.

Sunday had some drama as well. Towards the end of the day, when everyone was getting ready to leave, one of the little girls at the party fell off the slide in the back yard and hurt her arm. She either dislocated her elbow or broke her arm. That poor thing couldn’t lift her arm and couldn’t stop crying, she was in so much pain. Talk about a buzz kill. Kids! Geesh!

My other plans this weekend were to do laundry, clean, do dishes, run errands and get ready for my trip to San Francisco on Thursday. (SQUEEEEE!) I managed to get laundry done and the dishes. And then I turned the TV on. That thing will suck me in like a homing beacon every time. (Like Saturday when I watched a marathon of America’s Next Top Model on MTV.) And it was an actual, honest-to-goodness nice day in Chicago. So I opened the windows while I watched TV and read my book and maybe napped a little.

But at least I have clean underwear to wear to work and clean spoons to eat with. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

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Kristabella, who also answers to “Hey! Drunk Girl!”, is a reformed band geek with an amazing ability to drink most people under the table. You can read her inane ramblings here, where she talks about her exciting life as a spinster with two cats and a fascination for Bacon.


14 Responses to “All Weekends Should Be 3-Day Weekends”

  1. ali says:

    hugging teachers? seriously?

    ali’s last blog post..ouch. and a new love.

  2. Sarah says:

    Sounds like a good weekend.
    I totally relate to your TV problem. I specifically don’t turn on the TV for 2 hours when I get up or I won’t get anything done.

    Sarah’s last blog post..My Boyfriend’s Blog

  3. The Muse says:

    So I mentioned that my baby sister (well, my only sibling, for that matter) graduated from high school on Friday.

    Weird part #1: Most of her teachers were my teachers there, nine years ago. (And they all kept saying, “what has it been, five or six years? no? damn, you officially made me feel old.”

    Weird(er) part #2: Two of her teachers actually graduated from high school with me. In fact, I was talking with one of them after the ceremony, and we talked about how we sat next to each other during our ceremony and kept getting glared at for laughing at inappropriate moments.

    Dude… now that the Bug has graduated, I feel seriously old.

    The Muse’s last blog post..Oh, the next trip…

  4. Laurel says:

    OMG, you are so lucky! Nathan is adorable!!

    I loved a couple of high school teachers… but the few times I have run into them, it’s more an awkward “Ohhhhh hey…” situation than a huggy one.

    Laurel’s last blog post..Other Neurotic Things I Do

  5. Wendy says:

    If I saw a teacher, any teacher, I would hide for fear they would make me serve out the rest of my detentions.
    We were in CA last week, be carefull where you eat.

    Wendy’s last blog post..Paying Penance

  6. JRM says:

    What about bacon?

  7. Vanessa says:

    Got in the wrong car and drove away? I’d have a hard time letting someone forget that too!

  8. moo says:

    OMG, that kid is DELICIOUS.

    I’m jealous that you like your stepmom’s family. I … don’t like my stepmom. OR her family. (Or my dad, for that matter).

    moo’s last blog challenge, entrance & penultimate

  9. Candy says:

    That Nathan, god he’s cute. And you look like you’re about to cry in that picture too. That musta been one helluva monster-barista.

    I love those kinds of parties! I totally want to come to the next one!

    Candy’s last blog post..Jason Mraz and Subliminal Messaging

  10. Ashmystir says:

    Glad to know that you were not dead in an alley somewhere. I can sleep now. ha. ha.

    What a cute baby!


    Ashmystir’s last blog post..time for a weekend recap…

  11. Angella says:

    What a cute kid that Nathan is! Good name too 🙂

    You’re going to SF on Thursday? And again in July? LUCKY!

    Angella’s last blog post..Even Superman Gets Tired

  12. rye says:

    OR we would have thought that David Cook had come to his senses and taken you away! (I’m referencing the drunken wine post. The previous one. In case you were to drunk to remember typing that, haha.)

    And for the record, I think that is the BEST way to spend a “nice day!”

    rye’s last blog post..the thing about old people

  13. Ree says:

    Hi Nathan! Gootchie gootchie Goo! (Shush)

    Ree’s last blog post..Hot Fun

  14. Coast Rat says:

    Good Grief! I couldn’t hug my old teachers; I think most of them are dead… What a cute lad!

    Coast Rat’s last blog post..WEEK #12 – MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST BLUE BIRD UPDATE