Another Post Where I Talk About My Teeth

Posted By on April 10, 2008

So this morning was the second and FINAL part of The Great Root Canal Adventure of 2008. And I’m happy to tell you that I’m doing fine. And I am glad that it seems to be all over. And that I hope to never see that Dentist McDouchebag ever again IN MY LIFE.

I went in this morning and he finished it up. And in typical Douchey fashion, he pissed me off about a second after my ass was in the seat.

Dentist (Comes in all fat and surly and accenty): How’s the tooth?

Me: Fine. I’m still having sensitivity though.

Dentist: Well it’s not on THAT tooth. It must be on another tooth that I DIDN’T FIX.

ME: *rolls eyes so far back into head that I think I saw my cerebellum*

What I wanted to say was “Right. Because you know how MY MOUTH feels. And clearly I’m full of shit and it isn’t sensitive. I just like attention. AND PAIN. You figured me out asshole!”

And then, to top it all off in Land of Bizarro, the jackass starts shooting the shit with me about the weather like WE’RE BEST FRIENDS!

It took everything I had in me to not mouth off to him. But he hadn’t given me Novocaine yet and I was panicked that he would decide that the root canal was being done Novocaine-free today! At no extra charge!

He finally got to work and got it all finished. He said that had he not done that whole solutiony/medicationey thing two weeks ago, that it would have taken him hours today (HOURS) to finish. And then I cackled like a crazy person because I couldn’t even fathom the thought of having to deal with that asshat for HOURS more than were needed. And the cackling was all I could do from keeping my head from EXPLODING from the thought.

So yeah. All done. But the sensitivity is still there so maybe, just maybe, he was right and it wasn’t the root canal tooth that was sensitive last week. But I will never tell him this. EVER.


In other news, I think I might be divorcing Yahoo. Their email system has been acting up. And maybe it is just for me, but regardless, I need my emails in a timely manner. Like the day they are sent to me. This afternoon I had a flood of emails in my inbox. Some were timestamped from this morning, others were stamped from MONDAY. That is unacceptable. What if they had been crucial? I mean, more crucial than blog comments? (If there is such a thing.) What if my livelihood depended on these emails? What then Yahoo!? WHAT THEN?

So I think I’m going to finally make the full switch to Gmail. We’ll see how it goes. I’d like to blame it on work and them wanting me to do ACTUAL work and not email my blog friends all day, but it happens when I’m at home too. So that shoots my theory to hell.


In other comedic news, AlcoholRehab is now following me on Twitter. I don’t even know what to say to that besides NO, NO, NO!

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Kristabella, who also answers to “Hey! Drunk Girl!”, is a reformed band geek with an amazing ability to drink most people under the table. You can read her inane ramblings here, where she talks about her exciting life as a spinster with two cats and a fascination for Bacon.


18 Responses to “Another Post Where I Talk About My Teeth”

  1. Nicole says:

    Woo! I’m number one!


    Best of luck on the sensitivity. I have generally sensitive teeth. I feel the pain. Brush your teeth in warm water for a few days.

    And in danger of being all ass-hatty, here, when you open up your gmail account, remember to check your spam filtre regularly. In mine, it spams all emails not sent from a gmail account.

  2. Jules says:

    I did not know you twittered! I’ve been doing it for awhile & LOVE it. As for Gmail, I switched from Comcast-holes a couple of months ago. It took a little getting used to, but I love it!
    House of Jules

    Jules’s last blog post..Oh, the irony!

  3. barbra says:

    What’s AlcoholRehab?

    barbra’s last blog post..What am I doing here?

  4. LarryLilly says:

    My root canal went great, after the novacaine. I hate novacaines, which is why when I get a cavity done, I dont get one. I tell the dentist, I will be OK, I will think of something else, you do your job, and when your done, I will leave with a fully functioning mouth, and not worry about drooling down one side of my face since i cant feel a fracking thing.

    How is Bacon doing during all this?

    LarryLilly’s last blog post..Its been a long time….

  5. Raven says:

    I love gmail.

    If you have gmail, we can have GOOGLE CHAT! We could chat during the day instead of our 100 e-mail exchanges 🙂

    Raven’s last blog post..the places i’ve been part II

  6. The Great Root Canal Adventure of 2008 is one adventure I am glad I didn’t go on. Although mine is soon to come.

  7. Mahnee says:

    You’re not alone on Yahoo…I send emails to people with Yahoo accounts and get “unable to deliver” messages back from Yahoo…hours or days later…and these people have had Yahoo accounts for YEARS so, no, idiots, the address is not “BAD”!!!!!!

  8. Ashmystir says:

    I’ve been having trouble with Yahoo too. I’ve use gmail for blog stuff and that works well for me.


    YAY for no more Asshat McDouchebag visits.

    YAY for Fridays!

    YAY for booze!

    ok…getting carried away. I’m done now.


    Ashmystir’s last blog post..Photo Friday…message from Fatboy

  9. Noelle says:

    I love gmail, and your root canal story sounds so much like mine. If I had been blogging at the time of it, I would have had a lot to say, since I had to go back 20, yes 20 times for one tooth.

    Noelle’s last blog post..I saw The Ruins so you don’t have to

  10. Scarlet says:

    Yeah, gmail is the hott sex.

    Scarlet’s last blog post..Crash

  11. Laurel says:

    I am ready to divorce Yahoo (for my nonblog email), too. It is sad, but it may be time.

    Laurel’s last blog post..Now It’s Your Turn

  12. The Muse says:

    *does happy dance*
    Yay for being done with douchey-mcdoucherson!

    And yay for Gmail… because Google Chat (as already mentioned)!

    The Muse’s last blog post..Va-Va-Voom!

  13. Erin says:

    Yuck…Root canals are sucktastic. Just had one in February and it was horrendous. I feel your pain (well, not anymore technically, but the memories are vivid!)

    I love gmail with my whole heart…you should definitely divorce yahoo! and take him to the cleaners while you’re at it!

    Erin’s last blog post..Just one of those days…

  14. Dingo says:

    Hi, just discovered your blog. Me likey.

    Your root canal story brings back painful memories. On a more pleasant note, I moved from yahoo to gmail months ago and love it. Do it! Do it! All the cool kids are at gmail!

    Dingo’s last blog post..Quittin’ Time!

  15. Ree says:

    Hey. You. If you need a Gmail invite (do they even require that anymore?) let me know!

    Asshat dentists.

    Ree’s last blog post..Catsurday (because I think LolCats has Caturday registered)

  16. Dawn Hanna says:

    Hey, at least you womaned up and WENT to the dentist. Me? Not so brave. I’ve had tooth pain for years. I figure when they fall out, I’ll get me some awesome looking partials that I can slip out of my mouth to scare little children with.

  17. Candy says:

    Again with the teeth.

    I love gmail, it couldn’t be any easier. Especially since to log in I click the button on my Google home page, and that’s it. Ever. Frigging A Google!

    Candy’s last blog post..I Think My Cell Phone is Trying to Tell Me Something

  18. You are being stalked by AlcholoRehab on tweeter??? That’s a hoot. (And as soon as I figure out the tweeter thing, I am sure it will be even funnier.)
    P.s Douchy is a fucknut. I would love to see the “You;re Fired Asshat” letter you send him when you no longer use his services. He works for you after all…just like the gardener, the cable guy and the auto-repair man. Fee for service sucks.
    On better note. Glad the tooth ro-to-rooter is now done.

    Lisa-tastrophie’s last blog post..Jerkying Off