All Up In My Grill

| June 2, 2015

It is no secret around these parts that I murdered a dentist in my former life and have been paying for it ever since. I even have a category on here for my multiple posts about going to the dentist and how awful it is and how my mouth is the most expensive thing I […]

Slack Jawed Yokel

| February 8, 2012

It is no secret on this blog that the dentist and I, we have a history. A long, sordid history. I’m convinced I murdered a dentist in a previous life and I’m paying for it in this life. I’ve finally accepted this and am now never fazed by anything I hear my dentist tell me […]

Tough Enough

| November 22, 2011

I consider myself to be one tough cookie. I mean, I have to be. I live alone and have to do everything for myself. Plus, I like to think that moving 3,000 miles away from home to go to college where you didn’t know a soul and then up and do it again four years […]

Surviving Oral Surgery…

| November 19, 2011

Thanks to sherbet and sparkling water… I’ve been sleeping a majority of today, waking up just enough to have some sparkling water and take my medicine. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll look less like I have mumps and the swelling will go down.

I Can Fly!

| November 18, 2011

I may be a little hopped up on pain meds right now. Just a little bit. Wheeeee! So the surgery went well today and I’m currently sans one tooth. It took a bit longer than they expected because as is the norm with every single dental procedure I’ve ever had, it was anything but routine. […]