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Posted By on October 15, 2007

Today is Blog Action Day.

Some person or peoples banded together and realized “hey, there are 17 gazillion blogs out there! Let’s organize a day and get them all to talk about something! And not something like toe cheese! Something like all important and the like!”

So that’s what today is. Sadly, for me, they didn’t pick toe cheese for the subject. Because I’m sure I could wax poetically about toe cheese for pages and pages of material. You would all feel the CALL TO ACTION about toe cheese.

But those smartypants people came up with a good topic. It’s about the environment. Which is good. Because we should all be concerned about the environment. Green is in, people.

Living in California for 6 years brought out my inner tree-hugger. I’ll admit, growing up, I probably swung a little more to the right and my philosophy was ozone, schmozone.

But I think, and I’m not exactly positive, I think there is something in the air. Or there are subliminal messages on the television and radio when you live out there in Cali. Because the environment? Yes, I am concerned. Must recycle. And Styrofoam is the work of SATAN.

Seriously, I recycled when I lived here in Chicago before I went to college. Because my mom made us. So it was more of a have to?than a want to. And I’m pretty damn sure Arizona as a state didn’t recycle when I lived there. It’s still 1970 there. They are far behind the rest of Western civilization. “Public transportation? Wha???”

But to me the environment is always going to be about waste and recycling and the sort. Because that to me is something I feel I can do to help. And you know, like something where I can still be lazy and not have to do any of that manual labor shit to help out.

I was a hard core recycler in the Bay Area. It’s hard not to. You just put recyclable stuff in one bin, trash in another. And they are right next to each other! Genius! In Chicago? Not so easy. They have some sort of blue bag program, where you have to go buy these blue bags to put your?recycling in. And you know what they do with these blue bags? They put them in with your other trash and smash it all up together. The only thing coming out of the blue bag program is that Mayor Daley is using the money we use to buy the bags and betting on the horsies. Or the White Sox.

So yeah, I don’t recycle at home. And it hurts my heart. Back when I used to get the paper everyday, I would save all the ones I read at home and bring them to my brother’s house to recycle. I do recycle at work, though. And I yell at the same guy every day that NO! Candy wrappers are NOT recyclable and you just tainted the whole bin!

So my steps for helping out the environment are to try to recycle more. And to ask you guys if you have any suggestions. Because, hello, me? I’m with Lazy. But are there recycling centers? (This is SO a stupid question, isn’t it?) Can I take all my stuff there? Do they charge a lot of money? Yes I realize Google will give me all these answers too.

AND! I’m going to take other small steps. I’m going to try and take the bus more to work. Even if they raise fares and are just raping us. And I thought I could start using cardboard tampons. Because I can imagine the plastic ones are NOT good. And the cafeteria uses a ton of Styrofoam at work, and I get a pop every day, but maybe she’ll let me bring my own cup. (Although, she’s kind of a Nazi and charges us for tomatoes on cheeseburgers. So that might be a losing battle. So maybe bringing my own can every day (that I’ll RECYCLE) will work out better.)

So there it is. Really, humans, it is very easy for every single one of us to make small changes that can help the environment. You don’t have to go tie yourself to a tree in the rain forest. But you can make small changes to help the Earth last a little longer. I challenge all of you to try and do one thing from now on that makes you a little more green. Kermit is full of shit. It IS easy being green.

You know, for the children.


Skyler says “Recycle, bitches. I want mah fresh air when I’m 30!”

And no. Al Gore paid me no money for this. But he’d be so proud that his invention, the interweb, is doing so much good for the environment. Which he thinks he probably invented as well.

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12 Responses to “Blog Action Day”

  1. alyndabear says:

    You don’t have separate bins in Chicago? Crazy!

  2. Mahnee says:

    I recycle at work…we even have cardboard containers in the kitchen for recycling pop cans…but those blue bags in Chicago suck.

  3. Carrie says:

    We have a giant blue recycling bin that we got from the city. No more blue bags! Since we got it I’ve been recycling so much more.

  4. Ree says:

    I love it. You kept your tone and managed to get your point across. Me? Not so much. But when you’re still hungover, 2 days later….well, you get what you get.

  5. Trish Ryan says:

    We have recycling pickup every other week, which is great…except that the guys doing the pick up tend to drop more than they pickup, so our street looks like the dump. It’s pretty hard to feel like we’re saving the environment.

  6. Seattle Amber says:

    Recycling is mandatory in Seattle. The city developed a Recyling IQ game to educate the populace. Check it

  7. sherry smyth says:

    I talked about this on my breast cancer blog
    I’m convinced there is a direct correlation between the rise in cases of breast cancer, especially in very young women, and the environment. My children adore Al Gore and his “Inconvenient Truth”. Save the planet, save the children.

  8. Big cities suck at recycling. My office doesn’t recycle and it kills me. All that copy paper!!

  9. Carri says:

    3 R’s=reduce, reuse, recycle!
    save your grocery bags and use them again when you go shopping.
    Buy a car that gives back-Hybrids Rule! burn cleaner and you get in the carpool lane!
    I found a place that I can bring all my water bottles & beer bottles and they give me $$
    So I can buy more BEER!

  10. it’s mandatory here? guess ya learn something new everyday.

  11. I am just gobsmacked that you get charged to put a slice of tomato on your burger!!

    Where is the justice in the world???????????


  12. Kristie says:

    I just took a trash/recycling class yesterday and spent a whole 2 HOURS learning the fine art of recycling. (I got a ticket for leaving my trash can out longer than I was supposed to and to avoid the almost $400 ticket, I took the class.) I’m a hardcore recycler and environment lover. But only recently. I use cloth diapers on my son, recycle and bring my own bags to the grocery store. Crazy, yes.

    Oh, and this is my first comment to you! I found you via Jennie’s site ( 🙂