Pain In The Neck. Literally.

| October 14, 2009

Do you guys watch The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo? If so, you’ll realize that Rachel does not know the correct meaning of literally. She says it for everything. She “literally dies” at least seven times each episode. Which, if it were literal Rachel, you would be dead. Or a cat with 27 lives. God […]

Oh Acid Reflux, I Would Like To Kick You

| February 2, 2009

So remember my heartburn/tummy troubles? I haven’t really blogged a lot about them for a few weeks. Mostly because I haven’t been blogging regularly in the last two weeks. Want to know why? Because caffeine is the only way I can function. I’ve been off caffeine for a little over two weeks. I’ve been taking […]

Something Else To Blame On My Crappy Dentist

| January 18, 2009

I thought I’d update all of you on my heartburn issues. I got into the doctor on Friday morning. After reading all your comments, I figured it was best to go in and see her, even if all I got was a prescription for Prilosec or something. I actually had a bit of a stomachache […]