| November 5, 2014

I have been really lazy lately. Actually, since August 31. Because on that day, I ran a half marathon. (I know! Who am I? You’ve missed so much!) Anyway, I did that and since then, I have run a grand total of two times. Once in September and once about a week and a half […]

Listen Up

| March 1, 2012

Did you guys know I go to the gym regularly now? Did you also know I’m running? Well, I should say “running”. I am currently almost at the end of Week 5 in the Couch to 5k program. Only three weeks left! And then I’ll be able to run 30 minutes straight without stopping! I’m […]

I Did It! I Did It! I Did It! Hooray!

| February 29, 2012

Guess what? Tonight was workout #20 and I got it in just under the wire! I p0wned my goal and I have a lovely Fitbit on the way to show for it. (I cheated and ordered it on Monday because I wanted to have it by this weekend so I could play with it.) (And […]

I Work Out

| January 31, 2012

Hey, so it is the beginning of a new year and that means that everyone and their mother vows to work out more and spend more time at the gym and lose some damn weight already. I am no different. And really, it is about time. I couldn’t even start back working out in the […]

A Gym By A New Name

| November 13, 2011

So I started working out again. Mostly because all the weight I lost since last December has slowly crept its way back on. Well, not mostly. That’s the reason. It’s time to get serious again about getting healthy. I was doing so well before I got my new job. I drove to work and the […]