A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

| April 18, 2012

I’m pretty sure in almost six years of blogging (SIX? Holy crap!) I have used this blog title before. But I’m too lazy to go back and look and I’ll know once it posts and has a 2 after the title. That is WordPress’ way of being all “YOU LACK CREATIVITY, JACKASS.” So what’s new, […]

Weird Wednesday

| March 28, 2012

Today started off really weird. First there was the fact that I was up, wide awake at 4 AM dying of thirst. This was to be blamed on the many pints of beer and glasses of wine I consumed on Tuesday night while out with a friend. I know better than to drink on school […]

ShamROCK On!

| March 26, 2012

On Sunday I had the pleasure of running in the Shamrock Shuffle race here in lovely downtown Chicago. By the fact that I am writing this, it should be clear that it did not kill me. I’ve done this race once before. That time was on even less training. But I was also five years […]

Listen Up

| March 1, 2012

Did you guys know I go to the gym regularly now? Did you also know I’m running? Well, I should say “running”. I am currently almost at the end of Week 5 in the Couch to 5k program. Only three weeks left! And then I’ll be able to run 30 minutes straight without stopping! I’m […]

Random Thoughts

| February 9, 2012

So, I want to write something new and I just have no ideas. My life is so extremely boring that I’m almost hoping for some weirdoes on the train to give me some blog fodder. Almost. I’m still going to the gym. Tonight was day 10 out of 20. I’m halfway there. I have to […]