A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

| April 18, 2012

I’m pretty sure in almost six years of blogging (SIX? Holy crap!) I have used this blog title before. But I’m too lazy to go back and look and I’ll know once it posts and has a 2 after the title. That is WordPress’ way of being all “YOU LACK CREATIVITY, JACKASS.” So what’s new, […]

Dear Chase, You Need A Punch In The Neck

| April 10, 2012

I bank at Chase. Well, I was with Washington Mutual and then they went belly up. I don’t really have any complaints with them. Until now. I mean, it was a pain when I had to get a new debit card when it became Chase and had to change all my automatic payments. But I […]

Random Thoughts

| February 9, 2012

So, I want to write something new and I just have no ideas. My life is so extremely boring that I’m almost hoping for some weirdoes on the train to give me some blog fodder. Almost. I’m still going to the gym. Tonight was day 10 out of 20. I’m halfway there. I have to […]

We Fell In Love In A Hopeless Place

| January 12, 2012

I love bad music. If it is a pop song in the Top 40, odds are I’m going to love it and belt it out at the top of my lungs at any chance I get. I do not apologize for this. I realize I have shitty taste in music. Anyway, so one of Rihanna’s […]

City Mouse

| January 10, 2012

I’m a city girl. I think I always have been. Even though I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, I’ve always been drawn to big cities. When I moved back to Illinois in 2005, I made a promise to myself that I would live in the city. I didn’t care where I ended up […]