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I have been really lazy lately. Actually, since August 31. Because on that day, I ran a half marathon. (I know! Who am I? You’ve missed so much!)

Anyway, I did that and since then, I have run a grand total of two times. Once in September and once about a week and a half ago. And this Sunday I signed up to run a 15k, which is 9.3 miles, which is a lot of miles, and well, lazy is no longer an option anymore.

On top of that, I’m still eating like I’m training for a 1/2, so basically all my clothes don’t fit.

I have every intention of working out or running every morning. But then every morning the alarm goes off and it is still dark out and I am still lazy and I fall back asleep. Last night I decided that I’d bring my stuff with me and go to the gym on the way home. Because I walk past it on my way home EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

This morning, I went to work, extra bag in tow, full of workout gear, and I was going to do it! As with almost every time I tell myself I’m going to workout after work, I lost my motivation about halfway through the day. But then, as I was getting ready to leave, debating in my head whether I should go, I yelled at myself to suck it up and go! You can listen to Serial, I said to myself! You’re right, I answered back to myself.

(This all took place while I was going pee before I left for the day. I accomplish a lot in there.)

I got back to my desk and put on my coat and mentally amped myself up for working out! As I was packing up to leave, my big boss came over to talk about something and I got sidetracked. And then I realized I was about to miss my train, so I hurried and got my stuff together and power walked to the train station. It wasn’t until I sat down in my seat on the train that I realized that my bag with my workout clothes? WAS SITTING ON MY DESK.

UGH! I’m so mad at myself! I even leave the damn thing out, right in front of me, so I don’t forget! It took me a lot of convincing to actually get up the motivation to go! And then, after all that, left the fucking thing on my desk! UGH.

So Sunday’s race should be fun. At least it should be chilly, so maybe I’ll be fine because I’ll just run the whole thing to keep warm.



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3 Responses to “Return DELAYED”

  1. april says:

    I keep meaning to start running and then … yeah, I don’t.
    april´s last blog post ..Answers to questions

  2. Shannon says:

    I have a treadmill at home. I keep telling myself I’m going to use it since I’m just sitting there watching tv anyway! Why shouldn’t I just get on that while I watch an episode of whatever? And then.. nothing. Usually Thursday evenings because I work until 9:00 and need winding down time, but other than then.. notta. It’s awful.
    The fact that it is always dark during the hours I’m awake and not at work definitely does not help! But I will once again make a promise to myself to try harder.

  3. alimartell says:

    OMG I cannot even imagine working out after working a whole day…I would be dead. I really only like to work out in the mornings before my body can remember who tired it is. Haaaa.
    alimartell´s last blog post ..Frutta A Guscio