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I’m burnt out on posting already and it is only the second day. I’m going to blame it on daylight savings. Because it is now dark all the time and it feels like it should be midnight and it’s just after 8 PM.

This also might have to do with a really insane night of drinking on Friday night/Saturday morning (I should not be allowed in 4 AM bars), and then a fun weekend babysitting my niece Skyler and my nephew Noah, both who have not grown into sleeping in on the weekend. They nicely let me sleep in until 7:30 this morning, which yes, was really 8:30, except THAT IS STILL EARLY! It’s a good thing I love them so much.

Anyway, did you watch that dude walk across the tightrope between two Chicago buildings? It was anticlimactic, as all his walks are. Although, I will admit that I was nervous for him with the blindfolded walk. Only because all the drunk Chicagoans would yell louder when he asked them to be quiet.

(Um, you can’t ask a city of spectators to be quiet. Isn’t that part of the whole daredevilness of this feat you wanted to do? That it was outside, in a major city, with people WATCHING?)

I never heard of Nik with no C (h/t Ali) Wallenda until last year when he walked across the Grand Canyon. I was impressed because if you fall off there, you’re done for. And as my brother said, if he fell tonight, he fell into the river. While gross, is also probably a better landing than a canyon.

But then he was on one of our morning radio shows last week to promote this ridiculousness and he said he knows how to fall. He knows exactly how to fall and grab the wire and he can hang there for like 30 minutes. And his rescue team can get to him in 90 seconds. So, meh.

He’s also apparently has to tightrope walk outside in large spaces because his ego is so big, it will not fit anywhere else. And his ego and his cockiness are so annoying that it makes me want him to fall! Which is the worst! Because he has children! (ANOTHER REASON TO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN THESE SITUATIONS, YOU COCKY ASSHAT!)

Skyscraper Live

See? The worst! He makes me a bad person. So I would really like him to just stop. At the very least, don’t come back here.

(Please don’t tell me just not to watch/pay attention. We know that won’t happen.)

Soooo, how was your weekend?

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4 Responses to “#SkyscraperLive”

  1. april says:

    I didn’t even know about this whole ludicrousness until last night on twitter, but then I couldn’t be bothered to turn it on to see.
    april´s last blog post ..Books I read: October

  2. alimartell says:

    I’m so glad you’re writing again!!!!!!

    Here’s how much I care about Nik Wallenda… 0%
    I honestly care more about the fact that there’s no c in his name. haaaaa.
    alimartell´s last blog post ..Let Us Eat Cake

  3. Rebecca says:

    So very happy you are writing again too!! Nik who?? I vaguely remember hearing about some tightrope walking guy this morning on the news, but it was in between 600 “vote for me”/”don’t vote for that other bad guy” ads. Not sure how it is in Chicago, but here in CT voting can’t happen soon enough!