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Posted By on March 1, 2012

Did you guys know I go to the gym regularly now? Did you also know I’m running? Well, I should say “running”. I am currently almost at the end of Week 5 in the Couch to 5k program. Only three weeks left! And then I’ll be able to run 30 minutes straight without stopping!

I’m skeptical, but we’ll see.

I have an 8k, which is almost 5 miles, on Sunday, March 25. I’m hoping to do as well as I did the last time I ran it in 2007. That time I walked through the water station and for another block or so. That was it. I ran the whole rest of the race.

This year a bunch of other Chicago bloggers are running it too. And I convinced them all to buy this shirt so we can all run together:

I’m looking forward to it!

I’m still running indoors on the treadmill at this point. This is good for me to force me into a steady pace and not run too fast. The problem is the treadmill is SO BORING.

I’ve tried music. I’ve tried every type of music. I’ve tried pop, hip hop, dance, 80s, you name it. But I have adult onset ADD. (Thanks Twitter!) I can listen to something for about 30 seconds before I’m bored and all I’m focusing on is the clock and “how do I still have four whole minutes of running? I HAVE BEEN RUNNING FOREVER!”

TV would be a good solution, but I can’t do Netflix and the running app at the same time. And live TV has commercials. And you know what, when you know a commercial is 30 seconds long, that doesn’t help the whole “make the clock move faster” thing any better.

This week I tried a new approach – podcasts. I downloaded one of the Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me podcasts from NPR. That seemed to help. (It also helped that as I was listening to it, Gossip Girl was on the TV and Blair and Dan KISSED! SQUEEEEEEE!)

But I’m looking for more suggestions for podcasts. There are so many out there and I don’t know where to start. I know Ricky Gervais has some, and I’ll definitely be checking those out. But what other entertaining podcasts are out there? And by entertaining, I mean DISTRACTING. FROM THE RUNNING.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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  1. Melissa says:

    Sorry I don’t have any suggestions on podcasts. You’re doing the shuffle?! I love that race – the people, the energy, the lovely backdrop. I didn’t sign up this year but I probably should have to get back in shape after the whole having a baby thing but frankly, i’ve gotten too exhausted (aka lazy) to train for it. Best of luck to you!

  2. Noodles says:

    Hey, lady!! A) Super funzies to you on the shuffle! It’s going to be a blast. B) I’ve also done This American Life podcasts and Prairie Home Companion (if Garrison Keillor’s voice doesn’t make you want to off yourself.) I got all high-brow and downloaded a free class on iTunesU, which was interesting — but I had a hard time because I kept wanting to take notes.

    I’m with you though — I HATE HATE HATE HATE the treadmill to the point where I’ve run outside for every workout since probably April at this point. I feel like I’m reading to kill myself from bored and clock-checking a mile in. Anyway, given my treadmill aversion, I’ve picked up some tips on how to run outdoors in the cold. (My coldest run was -7.) So hit me up if you have questions! And have a blast at the shuffle! You’re going to rock it!

  3. Sharon says:

    I do believe I have met my soul sister in exercising. I will meet your one not being able watch t.v. because you know how long a commercial is and therefore how long you have run and raise you a “I can’t listen to the same playlist twice in a row” because I’ll know exactly how far I’ve run for each song and will want to quit.

    I actually bought a portable DVD player and strapped it to my treadmill so I can watch movies. Pretty sure Twilight is the sole reason why I can run 10 k. Also? Nothing encourages you to keep going like watching Uma Thurman run around in yellow spandex.
    Sharon´s last blog post ..Strength Is My New Skinny

  4. Megan says:

    Had to de-lurk to tell you about the podcasts I love! I listen at work to get me through the day and used to listen when training for a half.

    Pop My Culture: hosted by two comedians (guy and girl) with a guest. Random and funny.

    You had to be there: again hosted by two comedians (two girls). Their talks are sometimes dirty/raunchy but always hilarious.

    The moth: random people (usually someone famous/semi-famous) telling an unscripted story about their life (live on stage). Short (15 minutes or so) sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always interesting!

    Those are my favorites so I thought I’d pass them along! Happy running!

  5. Angella says:

    Congrats on the running! I have never listened to a podcast, so I’m no help.

    I LOVE that shirt, K. It made me smile. Good luck on race day!!
    Angella´s last blog post ..Onward and Upward

  6. Rhi says:

    I love This American Life and The Moth podcasts. Also, Adam Carolla is pretty funny.
    Rhi´s last blog post ..Become a Cupcake Queen in a Few Easy Steps!

  7. Just Shireen says:

    Woo! I love Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and also the Nerdist podcast is my absolute favorite. It can get a little dirty, but I’m usually cackling out loud whenever I listen.
    Just Shireen´s last blog post ..Puffer Fish, Sperm Motility and Bliss

  8. Erin says:

    I was also going to recommend The Nerdist podcast. Sometimes their guests are people I’ve never heard of but even then it’s usually pretty entertaining! There are actually a whole bunch of podcasts that Nerdist Industries hosts:

    I haven’t listened to any of the other ones so if you do let us know how they are!
    Erin´s last blog post ..Exciting News

  9. Alex Fatcow says:

    Great idea about running I love this shirt I wish to have one!

  10. I’m so inspired by this post. I struggle with making the time go by whileim working out too. I used tone good about going to the gym, but I have really porked up lately. I think I’ll try your NPR podcast approach. Thanks for the suggestion.
    The Waspy Redhead´s last blog post ..Back from Blissdom…

  11. There is a morning show in the bay area called “Sarah and Vinnie” and they have a podcast called “The Sarah and Vinnie Secret show”. I’ll warn you now and tell you its pretty salacious….but hilarious! I also listen to “stuff mom never told you” and “stuff you missed in history class”

    P.S. that shirt is hilar!
    sensibly sassy´s last blog post ..Bridal Shower Time!

  12. Amanda says:

    I agree with the others and again suggest The Moth and This American Life. When I did the C25K program last year, the first day I had to run for 25 minutes I listened to This American Life and it TOTALLY helped. If you can get engrossed in the story it makes the time pass faster than music. (With music I constantly do the math…1 song is 3 minutes, so if I have to run for 25 minutes that’s over 8 songs. AHHH!)

  13. Keri says:

    These have already been mentioned, but in order to pass time on the bus commuting to work (and while doing housework, so they’re good distractions), I listen to Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me, This American Life, The Moth, and Car Talk (funny/interesting even though it’s focused on cars). I also listen to Adam Carolla if I’ve run out of other things. I find podcasts to be more engaging and distracting than music, so I hope these work well for you.

    Great job being a super hero!!!

  14. Lori Lauersdorf says:

    Congrats on the running! And OMG – Sarah and Vinne have a podcast?! I must subscribe. I haven’t listened to them since leaving SF – actually Vinne wasn’t even back when I left. Holy crap. I started listening to them like 10 years ago. So glad to know I can again!

  15. Danielle says:

    I have music ADD when I workout also….but I find anything other than music to bore me even more.

    When I was doing the Couch to 5K program, I actually enjoyed Suze’s Couch to 5K podcasts. The music was good, and I could tolerate it for at least for one, if not two out of the three runs.

    What about Audiobooks?

  16. Danielle says:

    BTW, I L-O-V-E that shirt and might order the “Running to Drink” one for my first half marathon that I’m doing in May 🙂

  17. Denise says:

    Congratulations on staying committed to running. I’m happy for you. Keep it up. Thanks for posting the question. I’ve not listened to any podcasts but just got my first ipod (I’m a little late to this party) so I want to start listening.

  18. regan says:

    This isn’t much help, but when I do have to watch live tv on the treadmill I make myself go faster during commercials. So if I’m running at 6.0 while the show is on, I have to go at least 6.5 or 7 during the breaks. It helps.