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Posted By on October 24, 2011

Blogging is awesome. Through it (in five years, holy hell that seems like FOREVER), I’ve met some of the best people in the world. It also gives me opportunities I probably would have never gotten. Like getting to see Duran Duran in concert!


Yep, last Friday my friend Kelley and I headed out to the Chicago Theatre to see Duran Duran live and in person. I was super excited because I had never seen Duran Duran live and I had also never seen the inside of the Chicago Theatre! Win win!

After a very teeny tiny issue at will call with the tickets, which caused me to call Sarah in DC, which was interesting since I don’t think I’ve ever talked to her on the phone. We’re bloggers, we just text. It also caused the guys at will call to give me the stink eye because they were probably thinking I was a Simon Le Bon groupie and not a blogger, waiting for my tickets.

Not that I wouldn’t mind rolling over next to that. But he’s apparently a very happily married man. Sad panda.

Our seats were awesome! I can’t even tell you the last concert I went to. (I’m not much of a concert goer, oddly enough, but I love them when I do go!)

The show was amazing. Duran Duran has a new album out, so they played some new stuff. But they also played all their hits and sounded amazing! Simon was getting a little hoarse (we are getting towards the end of the U.S. tour) but he rocked it out like only he can!

Speaking of Simon, he’s oddly political, which I did not know. He made quite a few political jokes, including one about Gaddafi and how George W. Bush and Tony Blair were the next war criminals that needed to be captured. It was met with a smattering of boos, which I was surprised about since Chicago is a blue city. Must have been the suburbanites.

The only thing that I didn’t like was all the flashing lights in the background on stage. As my friend Kelley said “I’m either going to have a seizure or wake up knowing the cure for AIDS.” I should send her an email to make sure she’s alive.

Also, these creepy faces. They would show video through them of the boys singing and talking and well, it gave me nightmares. Granted there are worse nightmares to have then a giant Simon Le Bon head.

It was so much fun! I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go! If you’re an 80s music fan (because let’s be honest, Duran Duran IS the 80s), go see them live. You will NOT regret it!


Disclaimer: I was given two free tickets to the show in exchange for sharing my thoughts about the concert. My thoughts and opinions are all my own and were not swayed by the free tickets. Although they may have been swayed my Mr. Le Bon’s hip shaking. Swoon!

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8 Responses to “Ordinary World”

  1. Danielle says:

    Goodness, I hope he’s not losing his voice now that they’re at the end of the tour. I have tickets for the Toronto show on Thursday. I can’t wait!
    Danielle´s last blog post ..Nutella and Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

  2. alimartell says:

    I think I’m the only person who said no to Duran Duran. Hee!

    I just, well, didn’t even like them in the 80s.
    BUt i’m so glad you had fun!!!!

  3. -R- says:

    Your friend Kelly’s comment cracked me up. I hope she’s ok! =)
    -R-´s last blog post ..Land of 10,000 Lakes

  4. Jessica says:

    I went to school in China town in the 80’s and I actually listened to a lot of Chinese music – that of course I don’t remember at all. Duran Duran wasn’t so popular at my school… they were more Rick Astley, Kylie Minogue types.

    Glad you had fun at your concert – those giant heads would’ve freaked me right out too.
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Shut Up and Drive.

  5. AMD says:

    I loved Duran Duran!!! Saw them back in the 80’s and I think I pretty much just screamed (well me and every other chick there) the entire concert. It’s definitely a must see concert! Was also lucky enough to see Van Halen (with David Lee Roth!) back in the day too. Ahhhhh, the days of big hair and questionable fashion choices…

  6. Angella says:

    I am SO ENVIOUS. So! Envious! I had those guys plastered all over my wall…
    Angella´s last blog post ..5 Different Things

  7. Sarah says:

    If Kelley is on twitter I need to follow her. You know, unless she is protected because of the Nobel in medicine and all.

    I’m glad you loved it. I did too!
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Laundry Detergent and Farts

  8. Cat M says:

    How awesome to come across this picture of Chicago Theater. My friend and I drove from Michigan to see the concert…..getting there 10 minutes before the show started due to traffic and last minute car problems at our hotel. This was one of the best nights of my life and after 30 years, I still love them just as much!! Thank you so much for posting these pictures!!