A Little Pre-Thanksgiving Randomness

Posted By on November 23, 2010

I wasn’t going to post tonight. I had every intention as I was composing post ideas in my head on my commute home, but once I got home and saw the couch and my PJs and the sink full of dishes and the piles of laundry, I decided to say eff it. And then I was crying during Glee and I’m a little obsessed with the Sookie Stackhouse books (just started number three. I’m WAY behind) and well posting wasn’t a priority.

But then I found this beaut of a photo on my phone:

You guys, I don’t remember much of this evening past leaving the bar that kicked us out before 2. I vaguely remember the cab ride and paying the man, and I remember trying to be very quiet with my keys opening my front door, which doesn’t happen when it’s 4 AM and you’ve been drinking since 7. I DEFINITELY don’t remember taking this photo. But I love that I’m always a blogger because you know I was all “I’m so putting this on my blog as proof!” HA!

(Also, please ignore how dusty my oven is.)


Since my posting has been so sparse, I never got to tell you that I got my hair cut short in August, right before Rhi’s wedding and my trip to Portland. I’m sure you noticed from the photos, but I never got to do a proper “HEY! I got my hairs did!” post. I just got it done again a few weeks ago, it needed some highlights and I needed the bangs trimmed. This is what it looks like now:

Look! I’m learning to use the self-timer on the camera!


I also bought my first pair of skinny jeans. I still feel a bit weird in them, but I’m learning to love them! Even fat, hippy girls like me can wear skinny jeans!

Although, unless I have a shirt like that covering up my hips, I don’t feel comfortable in them.


Have you always wondered what I do most evenings, since I clearly must be too busy to post? I do things like this:

And I post to Facebook with the caption “Sent to kitty jail. Her crime? Excessive shedding.”

Then I take more photos and try and get her to give me the perfect “I’m free BITCHES!” face:

This is more of the “do that again, whore, and I’ll ruin your favorite pair of shoes” look.



Oh! In case you didn’t know, I’m also now posting every Tuesday over on Food Lush! Go check out my first post on the most amazing meatballs you’ll ever have!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! Or a great Thursday, my Canadian friends! I’m thankful Canada is America’s hat.

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9 Responses to “A Little Pre-Thanksgiving Randomness”

  1. Ginger says:

    That outfit looks fantastic! I want!

  2. Lisa says:

    the skinny jeans are cute. As is the hair! I cut bangs a few weeks ago, but went with the side-swoopy kind that fall across the eye. Perhaps the trick is to fully commit to an all the way across bang. Because yours are cute.
    Lisa´s last blog post ..more potty training- cuz thats what we do around here And Christmas!

  3. Mahnee says:

    You look amazing in the skinny jeans!!!!!

  4. Rhi says:

    I very much enjoy the bottle of Budweiser behind your cat. I thought she looked like she’d been drinking.

  5. Chris says:

    Those jeans look amaz-ing on you!

  6. Is your kitty drinking a beer in that last picture?
    Sensibly Sassy´s last blog post ..Whoa Baby

  7. Scarlet says:

    You are no longer allowed to say you’re fat bc you look so thin in those jeans! You go, girl!
    Scarlet´s last blog post ..Hot Like Fire

  8. Kate says:

    Those jeans look great on you! The Sookie books are amazing! I have read them all and have them all on my book shelf, which I usually don’t do (I download), but I had to have the paper copies they are that good!

  9. Sarah says:

    I need a shirt like that to wear with my skinny jeans. You look awesome.
    Sarah´s last blog post ..You Other Parents of Twins Know Exactly What I’m Talking About