Just Like Bridget Jones

| March 4, 2013

Oh, hi. Yeah, I forgot about this site. But I haven’t really had much to write about. I finished Whole 30 and then put back on all the weight because I am back to drinking booze and eating Taco Bell when I’m hungover. I’m also really busy at work. My boss is out on maternity […]

Just The Tip

| January 10, 2013

Sometimes I look at my life and think “this stuff only happens to me.” I mean, I’ve had some weird shit happen in my life. And last night was no different. I will preface this by telling you all I’m just fine. A big part of Whole 30 is meal planning and prep. Since anything […]

He’s Trying To Kill Me

| March 20, 2012

I’m pretty sure my cat Simba is trying to kill me. He looks innocent enough and he’s a very loving cat and I’ve never met one person who doesn’t immediately fall in love with this cat. He LOVES people. And if you pet him and let him sit on your lap? You’ll be his friend forever. I, […]

Slack Jawed Yokel

| February 8, 2012

It is no secret on this blog that the dentist and I, we have a history. A long, sordid history. I’m convinced I murdered a dentist in a previous life and I’m paying for it in this life. I’ve finally accepted this and am now never fazed by anything I hear my dentist tell me […]

Inside Voice

| November 14, 2011

I don’t know how to whisper. It is a problem that has afflicted me since I learned to speak. I don’t have an inside voice. I have a voice. And it’s loud and you can hear it inside or outside. I never really got in trouble for it growing up, that I can remember. I’m […]