| November 7, 2012

The theme of today’s Photo a Day thing on Instagram is reflection. Or that was yesterday’s theme. Regardless, it got me thinking about today and yesterday and, yes, politics. I’m not an overly political person. I have become more so in my old age, which I love because I love having more knowledge about what […]


| November 8, 2011

It is no secret to anyone who has ever met me that I have a giant crush on Rahm Emanuel. This stems back to when I first moved to the City of Chicago in 2005 and learned he was my U.S. Congressman. I re-elected him and then he left me. For 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to […]


| June 28, 2011

You can add Rahm to any word and make it a whole other awesome word – Rahm-some, Rahm-mantic, Rahm-citing, Rahm-tacular! Don’t try and correct me. There is no use. It’s a Rahm-mendment. (Now I’m like Henrietta Pussycat from Mr. Rogers who used “meow-meow” as every word in the English language.) Anyway, since I’ve been out […]


| November 4, 2008

I know I haven’t posted in a few days. I have things to tell you. I want to tell you all about my awesome weekend trip to Minnesota. I want to give a public service announcement to all the kids out there to stay in school because when you stop using your brain, it is […]

Putting The Suffering In Suffrage

| October 31, 2008

Right now, I should be packing. I’m leaving in the morning to drive to Minnesota to visit my friend Julie. And I’m really looking forward to it! I had planned to post the answers to the questions for Bacon today. But then I was out of the house a majority of the afternoon and now […]