General Maladies

| November 11, 2011

I ended up calling the doctor and talking to the pharmacist about my impending antibiotics dose. My doctor said that while C Diff does indeed suck, a mouth infection is also not good. So she suggested that I take probiotics. The pharmacist was not much help at all and wasn’t exactly sure what C Diff […]

Mrs. Marcia Dentist

| November 7, 2011

Oh yes, I am continuing with the Brady Bunch theme. And this post has nothing to do with wanting to marry my dentist, even if he did look like Dr. Vogel. He doesn’t. He looks like Larry David. So remember when this happened? The verdict was “your tooth is shit and you are going to […]

Mish Mash

| July 18, 2011

I made it to the dentist. The verdict was not good, as I suspected it would be. Since there is like no tooth above my gum line, underneath the crown, there isn’t much we can do. She temporarily cemented it back on, but since it’s not really cemented to much, we’re going to have to […]

Crown of Thorns

| July 12, 2011

So I know I promised 21 days in a row. And well, that was probably 21 days ago. And well, I haven’t lived up to that. But! I am posting more, which is good, yes? And I’m feeling the need and desire to post more and share stories with y’all, and that was the whole […]

I Should Be Sleeping

| November 13, 2008

Oh hai there! So tomorrow morning, I start my new job. This is not the first time I have written a post like this. In fact, this would be the third time I’ve written here about starting a new job. Third time’s a charm, they say. I hope “they” are right. I haven’t been unemployed […]