Make It Rain

| June 4, 2012

Well, that was a long break from blogging that I took. It wasn’t really intentional. I mean, let’s be honest, my writing in the last year or so has been sparse at best. I just don’t feel like writing when I get home. Normally I can blame it on working out and running taking up […]

Wrong Way Betty

| April 30, 2012

On Saturday night, my friend Jessica and I went downtown to some trendy bar in River North to help celebrate her sister’s birthday. It was actually really fun. The bar was small, yet quaint. And they had the most amazing cocktails, including the Vanilla Sky, of which I think I had 3 too many. It […]


| April 26, 2012

On Saturday, after I finished my race, I came home, ate the entire contents of my fridge, showered and headed downtown to meet my mom, my sister, my SIL, my cousin and my 2 aunts. As part of our Xmas present, we all got to go see Jersey Boys together. It was Ladies Day Out. […]

Dear Chase, You Need A Punch In The Neck

| April 10, 2012

I bank at Chase. Well, I was with Washington Mutual and then they went belly up. I don’t really have any complaints with them. Until now. I mean, it was a pain when I had to get a new debit card when it became Chase and had to change all my automatic payments. But I […]


| April 9, 2012

You guys, I have an obsessive personality. I find something I like and if I really, really like it, there is nothing else I want to talk about, read about, listen to, etc. This explains why I’m fat and a boozebag. Also a couch potato. Food and booze and TV? ALL GOOD THINGS. First I […]