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I really didn’t expect that long of a lapse before moving on to Prague. I’m not sure where my hesitation is coming from. Probably because I loved Prague so much and that after Prague is Munich and then it’s the end. And I’m still sad about being home from the vacation; I’m going to be even sadder to have no more excuse to relive it here.

Anyway! Last we left off, we were spending our last day and night in Vienna. The next morning, we had an early train to Prague. The Prague train was longer than the one from Budapest to Vienna. But, thankfully for us, not crowded at all. So between the three of us, we had 2 cars to ourselves and we slept. For five hours. It was glorious until Alli was waking me up by shouting “we just slept for five hours straight!” Like this was a bad thing.

Our hotel in Prague was nice and close to the train station, so we just walked to the hotel. After checking in and changing into non-stinky train clothes, we went to grab something to eat near the hotel.

The hotel was in the major touristy area, so a lot of the restaurants were kind of theatrical and pricey. We found a place that seemed just like a café and ate outside to take in the scenery.

Did you know that Prague is known for an awesome delicacy of fried cheese? It’s like mozzarella sticks, but bigger and usually cheddar or something else. Regardless, it is AMAZING. And I ate as much of it as I could.

After a late lunch, we wanted to check out the Museum of Communism. It is a small, self-guided museum above a McDonald’s, but I thought it was really fascinating. It was interesting to hear the history of Communism in Prague and to know that had the American troops gotten to Prague one day sooner, their entire history would have changed and they wouldn’t have fallen under the Russian regime.

After that we headed to Old Town Square because we had plans to go on a Beer Tour. Prague is known for its beer, specifically home of Pilsner Urquell. We figured this would be a great way to see some local pubs and get drunk at the same time! WIN!

This was an amazing tour! Our guide, Josephina, was awesome. She was young and knew all the fun, cool spots. We started off at Lokal, which was a Pilsner bar only. It actually gets the Pilsner right from the source, so there was no extra processing and/or additives. It was so smooth and delicious.

After Lokal, we went to the Prague Beer Museum. I can get behind any city that has a beer museum. This place had a huge menu and like 100 beers on tap. So we asked our guide to pick out a flight for us. They were all pretty good. And by this time, we were feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Next up was another local brewery place. It was Pivnice Stupartska. I only know this because I took a photo of it.

I also remember we ordered fried cheese here and it was delicious!

Our final stop was the Vodka Propaganda Bar. This place was really cool, I thought. It was dark and clubby, but the walls were plastered with all the old Communist propaganda posters.

After that, our tour was officially over. But we loved our guide so much (and I friended her on Facebook!) that we asked her for fun places to go and if she wanted to come with us. She said she actually had never really wanted to hang out with a group after a tour, but we were a lot of fun.

We went to some bar and met some of her friends. After that, she told us about a cool party on the outside of town. We thought it sounded cool, so we took a cab out to some club. It wasn’t really close to downtown.

There was a cover charge and it was a PARTAY inside! The place was packed and it was loud and we were the oldest by about 10 years! I wish we had stayed for a drink, but we didn’t, so we got in a cab and went back to the hotel.

After some more street food (what is a European vacation without ending a night with street food?), we called it a night and decided we needed to rest up for day two in Praha.

Next up: the sights of Prague, including ghost tours!

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