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It is no secret to anyone who has ever met me that I have a giant crush on Rahm Emanuel. This stems back to when I first moved to the City of Chicago in 2005 and learned he was my U.S. Congressman.

I re-elected him and then he left me. For 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to work with the President. I couldn’t fault him, only because he called me personally to say that he was leaving and he was glad I voted for him and he was sorry to let me down. Or something like that.

(I still have that message saved on my answering machine. Because clearly, he only called ME.)

Then my fake boyfriend decided to run for Mayor of Chicago! And then he won! And now he’s been on the job for like 6 months. He’s doing a fine job, if I say so myself. (Don’t tell me differently.)

As I mentioned, it is no secret how much I love my fake boyfriend. I even wrote about the time I was in the same room as him, with 3,000 other people.

The funny thing is that I find myself defending him, like he pays me to do it. Which he does not. Not that I would turn that opportunity down.

Chicago is by no means perfect and he has a lot of work to do with a very archaic system in place. The old mayor was here for 27 years. Change isn’t easy to come by after that many years.

But if I’m in a conversation and someone starts saying something about him, I get all amped up to defend him, like someone insulted my nephew. Even my friend Melissa commented the other day that it is OK to disagree with something he does. He’s not perfect. He will make mistakes.

I won’t admit to them. It’s blasphemous! Plus, you have to be careful. He’s always watching.


*Term coined by my friend Julie because of all my Rahmy love.

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5 Responses to “Rahm-Mantic*”

  1. Angella says:

    You are the cutest. And I LOVE that photo. 🙂
    Angella´s last blog post ..The Middle Child

  2. Alice says:

    haha, i have to admit, that photo does not make me swoon AT ALL. however, your rahm-mantic love is adorable! i’m still crossing my fingers you get him for your xmas card! 🙂
    Alice´s last blog post ..Fakesgiving!

  3. gorillabuns says:

    He is mighty fine.

    My fake boyfriend, Dave Grohl, has ignored me. He doesn’t know what he is missing.

  4. Julie says:

    Thanks for the credit on the term, you hopeless “Rahm-mantic.” I have enjoyed watching your crush evolve. Now you need to invent a term for someone who has a crush on Kirk Herbstreit. Not that I know anyone like that… 😉

  5. Amanda says:

    I really hope that you’ve already seen this. My favorite halloween photo of the year: Rahm calmly checking his cell phone while surrounded by zombies: