I Left My Heart Something In San Francisco

Posted By on September 26, 2011

I spent the last four days in the San Francisco Bay Area. My friend Kristina got married in Sonoma at a winery on Saturday and I came out a few days early to spend some time relaxing in wine country.

I haven’t been back here in awhile. It was 2008, I think. To say it is weird being back is an understatement.

I spent six years in the Bay Area. It was really my most formative years. I became who I am today in those six years. It was post-college and I was exploring a whole new world of becoming an adult. And not only that, I was living 3,000 miles away from my family and knew not a soul in California.

I wouldn’t trade those six years for anything. Yeah, looking back, it was not always the best time, but I met some of my very best friends and strengthened the friendship with my two best friends who moved up to join me in CA a year after I did.

But I don’t miss being there. It was surreal to be driving up the 101 after I landed Wednesday night, into the City, past the football stadium where I spent a majority of my Sundays. The feeling I had wasn’t of longing. It was more of trepidation. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I went through A LOT there. Like I said, it shaped who I am.

And maybe it would be different if I was coming back to a place that was the same as I left it. It’s not. Most of my people aren’t there anymore. Yes, there are a few that are, but the rest of us are spread out all over the country.

Maybe that’s where the bit of sadness comes in. I was there alone, relaxing, and I miss people. Driving up to SF isn’t the same when you know that there are people who don’t live there anymore.

But I made the most of it and hung out with my friends who are still there and even got to see friends from Minnesota who were in SF to visit. They came as I was leaving and we had just enough time to catch up over lunch on Sunday!

More about my trip when I recover from it and the actually get some damn sleep. STUPID JET LAG!

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4 Responses to “I Left My Heart Something In San Francisco”

  1. Rhi says:

    I’m still pouting that we missed each other by a week. HMMMPH.
    Rhi´s last blog post ..Diapers. Tell Me About Them.

  2. Shannon says:

    I feel very similar to Toronto. I moved there on a whim and knew practically no one. My experiences there turned me into the person I am today and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I am glad you had a fun time! 🙂

  3. Alice says:

    i am DYING for a friend to have a napa/sonoma wedding!! i LOVE that area of the country – after visiting napa for the first time, i declared i needed to get engaged to someone with money so that we could get married at a vineyard 😉
    Alice´s last blog post ..a tale of darwinian selection at work

  4. Angella says:

    My city like that is Vancouver, though I still love it there. I could never live there, no, but part of my feels like I’m coming “home” every time I drive into the city.

    Glad you had fun! Your wine touring tweets made me smile. 🙂
    Angella´s last blog post ..So Long, Summer