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Posted By on January 19, 2011

So I think I mentioned that back before Christmas, I started Weight Watchers again. They rolled out a new program and I figured that was just the thing I needed to jumpstart my motivation and get back on track.

Then Jennie started a Biggest Blogging Loser contest with A LOT of money on the line and let’s just say, I am doing so much better this time around.

With the new WW program, it’s like I’m starting all over. Things have changed and I can’t just automatically know the points of something off the top of my head. I have to calculate all of it and log it all. And I have quite a few friends that have started this new program as well and they have been a lifesaver to bounce ideas off of, share tips with and exchange recipes. It feels like the first time I did WW when my friend Kristina was with me every step and because of her, I lost a lot of weight.

That time I was also in my mid-20s. So I could easily just change my diet and watch the weight fall off. My first week back then, I lost like 6 pounds. Now I’m lucky to lose A pound.

The key, for me, at my age with my slow-as-molasses metabolism, is that I have to work out. The only way to keep on track and actually lose some weight, even if I drink too much beer or eat a burrito, is to work out consistently. As I’m sure you’ve noticed from years of reading this blog, working out consistently is not something I do. I can drink booze consistently. I can sleep consistently. I can shove food into my piehole consistently. I can watch TV consistently. Working out consistently? HAHAHAHA! Don’t make me laugh. Oh wait. I just did.

I joined a gym last year. I don’t even remember when it was. I know I was going, a few days a week, and then the Kristin Johnsons hit. In fact, before last night, the last time I had been to the gym and worked out, I remember being on the treadmill and almost crapping my pants right then and there. I figured it was best to avoid working out until after I had kicked the KJs.

If you’ll recall, I kicked those back in August. I mean, it’s now almost February. I’ve been paying monthly for that gym and have only gone once in the last six months and that was to use the shower. Kind of sad.

But then I signed up for Netflix. And I was made aware of their amazing movies and TV shows available on Instant Streaming. And I realized that there was an app for that. So I could watch TV, whatever I wanted, not what was on at the time, and work out. This has been a dream of mine for ages!

So Tuesday night, in ice and snow, I dragged my ass to the gym after work. And I got in 40 minutes of cardio. And I watched the first episode ever of X-Files! And tonight? 50 minutes as I watched Monday night’s premiere of Heavy on A&E. (Talk about added motivation to work out!) And tomorrow? Back to X-Files. Because there is like nine seasons! And who doesn’t love Fox Mulder?

I realize I have a long road ahead of me, but the fact that I’m enjoying working out is a big deal to me. It is super easy to remind myself that what I usually do when I get home is watch TV, so why not do that at the gym and burn some calories? Because there are A LOT of TV shows I have never seen! And none of us should be surprised that when it comes down to it, TV is my biggest motivator.

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14 Responses to “Up In The Gym”

  1. Lisa says:

    I joined WW too, and am working out to True Blood (treadmill in my basement). Loved the books and am liking the series, although Anna Paquin is not my mental idea of Sookie.
    Way to go! Keep it up 🙂
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Sofas

  2. Dots says:

    you’re doing such a great job! i’m so proud of you. keep it up!
    Dots´s last blog post ..No substitution for Dots!

  3. Chelsea says:

    Hey There! I read your blog a lot but I’m a total lurker and haven’t commented. Congrats on getting back in the gym. I started the new WW too and i think getting into a gym routine is KEY and probably the hardest part:) Good luck! Also, Fox Mulder… meow.

  4. Lori says:

    You can do it, KJ! I’ll be joining WW as soon as possible after baby comes in March.

    Is Heavy already on Netflix? I like to watch streaming on iPad while on my elliptical since we moved the TV from the guest room to our bedroom.

  5. Raven says:

    Oh I miss the X-files!

    So many awesome shows aren’t around anymore and if they were I daresay I would be watching a whole helluva lot less RHO-insert your city here
    Raven´s last blog post ..you know I love a bandwagon

  6. Rhi says:

    When there are scary parts in the X Files do you work out harder? Is so, I should start watching X Files on the treadmill.

  7. Rachel says:

    How are you liking the new ww program? I did ww awhile back and it never really worked for me, but the new program intrigues me (and the allure of 0 point fruit!).

    I can only work out to tv… I don’t understand/envy the people I see at the gym who just run and get “lost in their own thoughts”. Clearly my thoughts aren’t that entertaining!

  8. Denora says:

    How different is the new WW program? I really need to start again if I’m going to avoid wearing a tent in Jamaica this summer. I need motivation though (aside from my own personal self-hatred of my fatness). I missed the signup for the Biggest Blogging Loser by like 2 days, and I’m fairly sure that I would have been much more motivated doing that than just trying on my own. Maybe I’ll try the Netflix tv watching to see if that will at least make me stay on the treadmill for more than 10 minutes before finding something better to do.

    In unrelated news, your Bears better kick some Pack ass this weekend. If we have to lose to someone in the Super Bowl, I’d rather it be the Bears than the Packers. (Of course, we have to get through the Jets first, but aside from that…)
    Denora´s last blog post ..30 Days of Truth – Day 18

  9. gorillabuns says:

    so, is heavy really a motivator? i’m okay watching hoarders but heavy scares me.

  10. jen says:

    I also suggest (if you have the $) look into using one of their trainers. It’s expensive, but they really do help. When I started with mine, I couldn’t even do a sit-up, never mind push-ups, now, they’re a breeze and I’m dreaming of doing pull-ups!

  11. regan says:

    Yay for the gym! Think of the activity points!

    I’m going to have to add Heavy to my dvr, aren’t I?

  12. KitchenVixen says:

    I like to watch Psych while I’m on the bike or the stairmaster. I think it’s more distracting than music, even! I’m doing a lot more working out since I started in April- I finally figured out how to work out and actually get results!

  13. Angella says:

    God for you, lady! I love how excited you sound!

    I need to work out, too, to stay fit. It’s either that or quit eating and I’m not about to do that. 🙂
    Angella´s last blog post ..Forever Twenty-Nine

  14. Alice says:

    THERE’S A NETFLIX APP? i bet i could put it on my ipad!
    Alice´s last blog post ..pretty sure this wins my Worst Commute Ever award