Patience Is A Virtue

Posted By on June 24, 2010

Did you know that the new Apple iPhone came out today? And did you know I had a hell of a time actually getting through to reserve one online last week? But I finally did and had to pick it up at the store because they will only ship to your billing address. And people steal shit at my billing address. So I reserved one and was all set to pick it up today and enjoy it! HOO RAY!

I knew the lines would be intense. So I opted to go after work instead of before. The closest Apple store was in the burbs, but I was hoping that was a better option than going to the Apple store downtown. (Good call on my part since the wait was over five hours STILL at 7 PM.) So I trekked all the way there after work, getting to the mall about 6:30 PM. I figured it was plenty of time to get my phone before the store closed at 9 PM and my reservation was no longer valid.

Boy was I wrong!

I had heard all the stories throughout the day online about the long lines and long wait times. But I figured it would have died down by 6 PM, right?


I turned the corner near where the Apple store was and I ran smack dab into a wall of people. A long line. Probably close to 100 people deep. See? (And this was after standing for 30 minutes.)

I have no patience for lines. I especially have no patience for lines when I RESERVED A PHONE. I have even less patience when I’ve worked a full day, am starving and have to pee.

After 30 minutes, I think about 4-5 people got in the store. At this rate, I figured, I would be there well past 10 PM. And since I was by myself, I had no buddy to hold my spot while I peed or grabbed food. So I decided to bail. (And rewarded my good sense with a stop at Old Navy where I partook in their big 30% off sale and got two cute dresses.)

IT IS A PHONE, for Pete’s sake! And guess what? I do currently have an iPhone. Yes, it is now two models ago, but it still works. I can still check my email, Twitter and Facebook on the go. Getting a new, MUST-HAVE gadget on the first day isn’t that big of a deal to me.

Now granted, had I gotten it, this whole post would have been an ode to my new phone. And how it was already covered in kisses. And that I obsessively licked it. And how I was going to sleep with it for the rest of time.

I’m bummed, but it isn’t like I’m not going to get one. This isn’t a ONE DAY ONLY DEAL!! The phone will be available soon. So if I have to wait a few weeks/months to get it, in exchange for NOT waiting in line? So be it. I can deal.

But it begs the question, what would I wait in line that long for? A few things come to mind:

  • Cubs World Series tickets
  • A bathroom
  • To see a member of my family or a close friend

Um, that’s all I can think of. Not much. I do not like standing in line. I’ll stand on a corner to watch a 10 minute parade of Blackhawks, but I will not stand and WAIT in a line to get a phone. There’s some ass backwards logic for you.

What would you wait in line for, for that long of a time, to get your hands on?

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17 Responses to “Patience Is A Virtue”

  1. Jessica says:

    Amen for some sense!
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

  2. Jenn says:

    I would have been horrified if this post was about you waiting in that long of a line. I just do NOT get that. Also, if you could actually wait on line for a bathroom for five hours, that’s impressive. An hour, max, and I’d be looking to water the local foliage, ifyaknowwhadImean.
    Jenn´s last blog post ..Oh, For the Love of Bike…

  3. Mahnee says:

    So the line was for people who wanted to BUY a phone as well as people like you who reserved one? That sucks.

    I’d wait in line for you anytime. XOXOXOX

  4. jcristg says:

    1908 is getting further and further away, KJ.

  5. Melissa says:

    I HATE lines – they put me in a bad mad quickly. Although…. I have gotten better about waiting them out since I got my iPhone a few years ago. Ahh, iPhone how I love thee. But not enough to wait in a line like that either.

  6. Amanda says:

    I can’t think of anything worth waiting in a long line for. 🙂 Especially if it’s technology related. I may not be the first to get it, but eventually I might. In the time in between I’m sure I can find other things to keep me entertained!

  7. Amber says:

    I love my iPhone, but I honestly can’t understand why people would wait in line for that long for the new one. I mean, it’s not even like it’s a super-sale deal, or one-day only offer: it’s the same phone, at the same price, that they’ll be selling for the next however long. I can only conclude that they do it purely so they can say they got it the day it came out Which… nope, I don’t understand. I’d stand in line for five hours for a free house or holiday, but I genuinely can’t think of anything else… I think you definitely made the right decision – especially when there were cute dresses involved 😉
    Amber´s last blog post ..Friday Photo: Sunset from Clearwater Pier. Also, crabs.

  8. Brooke says:

    Based on the reviews of the new iPhone not being able to make calls, I think you are better off not getting one.

    “For the first time, Apple support technicians have pointed at a manufacturing issue as the origin of the yellow bands and spots that people are finding in their iPhone 4’s displays. There’s no official word from Apple yet, however.”

    “It turns out that iPhone 4 can’t pick up signals when you’re holding it in your hand, because the band around the phone is the antenna and if you’re touching the antenna it screws everything up. Apple has issued a guide on how to hold the phone in your hand so that it gets a signal.”

  9. Cass says:

    That’s definitely not something I would wait in line for either. I know so many people who do this though, our IT guy got up at 3am yesterday to get his hands on one. CRAZY! But really I didn’t even get my 3GS until a few months ago because by that point the kinks are all worked out. I don’t NEED a front facing camera, although it might be fun, and the operating system is available for my model.

    I think the only thing I’ve waited in line for that might rival that line is when I went to the Eiffel Tower. The line was around 2 hours but I was determined to do it and when I got up there the views were so worth it.
    Cass´s last blog post ..Back to the drawing board

  10. Angella says:

    Good for you for walking away! The iPhone 4.0 isn’t even available in Canada yet, so I have to wait…but if we get linups like you do, I won’t be wasting time in one.
    Angella´s last blog post ..Summer Daze

  11. Raven says:

    Willy is upset that he has to wait until the beginning of June because it took him that long to get through online and pre-order. Plus we were on the west coast when he did order it so he’s behind all the other people in line (for that day’s delivery) due to the time stamp and doesn’t think he’ll be lucky enough to get his a day early or whatever.

    I can’t think of anything I would wait in that kind of line for…but I know I have waited in some long ass lines…so it must be for things I have already paid for and am trying to get into (like a concert) or OH! I waited in a hugely long line to see Obama when he was here for the town hall.
    Raven´s last blog post ..out and about in san francisco

  12. Alice says:

    i WON’T even wait in line for a bathroom with a line that long. i’ll convince myself i don’t need to go and wait until we go to another bar. or find some trees. 🙂

    i WOULD wait in a line that long if it involved a free or mega cheap trip / cruise / vacation / adventure!
    Alice´s last blog post ..don’t read this post if contact lens talk makes you squicky

  13. Lori says:

    was in san francisco this week and a guy was first in line on tuesday and offering to sell his space for cash. mike and i actually got both of our phones yesterday, but of course am being transferred from person to person to get the porting of our phone #s figured out. so far, not impressed by att customer service. grr…but they do have the funnest (!) phone, so what to do?

  14. Scarlet says:

    I waited for a couple hours in the snow to see the Van Gogh exhibit in DC when I was in college and I have often waited in long lines for concert tickets or front row spots at concerts.

    I stand for 8 hours at work every day so sometimes the thought of standing and waiting is too much. But that’s bc I’m old now, I guess.
    Scarlet´s last blog post ..House Of Cards

  15. Amy says:

    Yikes, that line looked scary long. I REALLY can’t stand in a long line for anything or else I get bored, restless, and grumpy. Even at amusement parks I refuse to stand in line for something longer than 30 minutes – I don’t care how awesome the ride is. (Much appreciation to the Disney fastpasses!). Anywho, I would not spend eons in line for a phone either. I am planning to buy it soon and will just wait a little while longer. I am still using the first generation iPhone so I think I can wait a little bit more 😉
    Amy´s last blog post ..Im Speechless

  16. Like I always say, patience is not a virtue, it’s a super bitch. Still, I did wait in line for three hours for the 3G, so I can’t really complain. I will not, however, be waiting for the iPhone 4, no matter how awesome it is.
    nancypearlwannabe´s last blog post ..Free Pass

  17. Chris says:

    about ten years ago the All Star Hockey game was here in Denver and I waited in line for 3 Hours to have my picture taken with the Stanley Cup! It was totally worth it, when am I ever going to get to touch the Stanley Cup again!!