Well Hello There!

Posted By on April 26, 2010

Remember back like less than a month ago when I was blogging regularly and made it my Lensolution? Yeah, those were the days, weren’t they? I wrote twice last week, at the beginning of the week, and then nothing. And now I’m sitting here trying to think of WHY I didn’t write anything for the rest of the week.

Tuesdays are hard because of Lost. But that’s all I can remember about last week. And wow, this is the most boring post ever.


So internet, what have you been up to? I feel like I have all these things to fill you in on, but all I can think about right now is sleeping. So let’s do some more bullets, shall we? It’s like a blogger’s crutch when there is nothing else to write.

  • So tonight I started the Couch to 5k program. Some of you may remember back 3 years ago when I was a “runner” and actually trained and ran an 8k race. And then I got fired for my blog (seriously, like the NEXT weekend it all went down), hurt myself and then became a lazy sloth. But I’m giving it a try again! And Couch to 5k has an iPhone app! And I can listen to my own music! So I’m one day down, many more days to go!
  • And I have plans to go walking after work tomorrow with my friend Melissa! It is a much better activity than we usually engage in, which is drinking our faces off. We’ll still do that sometimes too. Lest you worry your pretty little heads.
  • Sunday I went to a baby shower for my friend Jenny. She’s expecting a little girl next month. AND she’s in a new house that we all hadn’t seen. It’s a fabulous house and the shower was great! We had awesome food and drank lots of champagne cocktails. (Well, everyone except the pregnant ladies.) Yes, we drank booze at a baby shower. (Five bottles of champagne to be exact.) Do you see why these people are my friends?
  • My friend Carrie brought her twin sons along. They are four months old and I hadn’t met them yet. All it took was one look, and I fell in love! They are so adorable! I love babies!
  • But I need to hit the gym because my arms are sore from holding them. Those muscles aren’t used to holding anything heavier than a wine glass. And a mostly empty one at that.
  • When you drink champagne cocktails all day, you’ll be ready for bed at 6 PM. Thankfully I wasn’t that bad. I made it until 8. And slept until almost 8 this morning. Champagne makes me sleepy, apparently.
  • But that didn’t stop me from suggesting that we all get together for an all day champagne extravaganza. Because our friend Jessica got a champagne cocktail recipe book for her birthday. And I think we should try them all, don’t you?
  • Oh, so I also signed up for eHarmony this weekend. It took a little while because that questionnaire is so long, but I’m feeling positive about it. I should probably log in again and see what awaits me.
  • I promise to share any and all stories on here. That is, if I get any response, which I DID NOT from my last two trips into Online Datingland. Talk about a self-esteem killer.
  • But this time will be different! People find love on eHarmony! Ask her!
  • Oh! And Friday I was featured on Aiming Low! Ali picked me to be featured and I am so, so honored. So go there and read my post! And read all the other hilarious posts! You won’t be disappointed.

And now I’m off to finish my laundry because I’m heading to Atlanta on Thursday for a long weekend. I CANNOT WAIT!

Don’t worry, burglars, I’ve already checked 17 times to make sure the door is closed and locked. And I’ll check another 197 times before I leave.

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Kristabella, who also answers to “Hey! Drunk Girl!”, is a reformed band geek with an amazing ability to drink most people under the table. You can read her inane ramblings here, where she talks about her exciting life as a spinster with two cats and a fascination for Bacon.


19 Responses to “Well Hello There!”

  1. inkpuddle says:

    Heh, I just joined OkCupid at the urging of my sister. Hilarity hath ensued, a thousand times over. I can’t wait for the eHarmony stories!

    And my God, you just can’t stay away from the ATL, can you? I think by now you have probably seen more of the city than I have, and I freaking grew up here. 🙂
    .-= inkpuddle´s last blog ..The Rescue-Turned-Family-Reunion =-.

  2. Kate says:

    Congratulations on starting the C25K! That’s how I got started a billion years ago – OK, a little over 4. Anyway, you’ll be running again in no time!
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Plan B Burger Bar – Glastonbury, CT =-.

  3. Jen says:

    I LOVE the C25k app – it’s the only thing that keeps me running!

  4. Mahnee says:

    I like when you write and use bullets….we get caught up on much more than just a regular (although hilarious) blog post.

  5. lceel says:

    Hello there. Have a safe trip – and be sure to keep us all up to date on the whole eHarmony thing. Although – I gotta tell ya – if I was thirty years younger and single – you wouldn’t need it – not by a long shot.
    .-= lceel´s last blog ..On the streets =-.

  6. Kate says:

    Good Luck on EHarmony. I am also on it right now and I’m getting lots of matches, and i am even talking to 2 of them. If you make the effort it supposedly works, my friend met her husband on EHarmony and a year later they were married!

  7. Angella says:

    Have fun in Atlanta! I know you will. 🙂
    .-= Angella´s last blog ..My Kind Of Conference =-.

  8. alimartell says:

    woo! c25k!
    although it always makes me pause…I always think it’s 25k and then I’m all…holy shit that’s a long way. 5k is a much more agreeable number.

    can’t wait to see you!
    .-= alimartell´s last blog ..It will be a REALLY GOOD MOVIE. I Promise. Trust Me. =-.

  9. Amber says:

    I know quite a few people who’re doing c25k using the iPhone app, and they all seem to love it. Personally, I find it easier to get into anything if there’s an app for it!
    .-= Amber´s last blog ..You know you’re a blogger when… =-.

  10. Gratz on the C25K…I did that over the summer. Granted, I have since totally fallen off of running and stuff, but I still heavily endorse it.

    Also, Henry and Joey told me that you were their favorite person they met this weekend, and that they promise to make me update the blog so that you can link to it next time you give them a shout out.

    And finally…I am the master of taking awesome dating site photos. Not of myself, but of other people. Just sayin’.
    .-= Matt Stratton´s last blog ..Photoshoot Meetup =-.

  11. jen says:

    The only thing I hate about the C25K App is that I was ALWAYS waiting for the “beep, beep, beep… walk.” I abandoned that cause and just gave myself landmarks to stop / run till I have to stop.

    Though I had a decidedly interesting 1/2 mile portion of my run the other morning. It was towards the very end of my route and I started running and about 15 seconds later my underwear started to fall off my butt.

    Perhaps I’ll give it the App another go – I’m a little stronger and in better shape now.

  12. Alice says:

    ok, um, do you happen to have any of those champagne cocktail recipes handy? because i’m having a party on friday and methinks that would be UBER PERFECT 🙂

    also: C25k seems SO AWESOME. i am seriously tempted to buy an iphone JUST so i could get and use that app. (priorities? i’ve heard of them.)
    .-= Alice´s last blog ..we took the "drink me" theme pretty seriously =-.

  13. Running and walking are AWESOME! Yay you!!!
    .-= Jen on the Edge´s last blog ..Victoria’s first secrets =-.

  14. Mama Bub says:

    I met my husband on eHarmony! Five years of marriage and almost two kids later, here we are! I HIGHLY recommend it. AND, if you actually marry someone you meet they will send you a Tiffany bowl for a wedding present, so that’s something!

    I want regular C25K updates as I plan to start that this summer, post baby.

  15. MaNiC MoMMy says:

    can’t wait for your eharmony.com stories and for when you find your true love! Also, can’t wait to see ya on the 14th! Should be a really fun night!
    .-= MaNiC MoMMy´s last blog ..RaW aND uNeDiTeD =-.

  16. Rhi says:

    I can’t wait for my Tiffany bowl!

  17. jodifur says:

    That’s funny. I just downloaded couch to 5k on my iphone. Have you started it? Do you like it? I kind of hate running but I need to step my workout up.
    .-= jodifur´s last blog ..Shoe Friday #75 Party Edition =-.

  18. drinking at baby showers is a must. that gift opening process is long and when it isn’t you, you need a freaking drink.
    .-= michele (mouthy_broad)´s last blog ..June is for Camping =-.

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