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I have gotten into a very bad habit of not writing on my blog. It makes me a little sad and also a little mad. Mostly because I’m a creature of habit and if I stop doing something, I stop doing something. Like for good. Ask my cats about their litterbox. And if the kitchen sink could talk, who boy, could he tell you some stories about the dishes I’ve let pile up there for weeks. Oh yes, I said weeks.

Bottom line? I’m a lazy mother fucker. But as I learned today in my laziness, in watching hours and hours of television that has been piling up in my DVR, lazy people are efficient. So says the he-she on The Real World. She said that lazy people are the most efficient because we don’t like to do things twice, so we get it done right the first time. And I was like “you know what he-she, I really hate you on this show and wish you would wear more clothes and I SO do not want to hear about your gender reassignment surgery, but that, my friend, is GENIUS.”

And seriously, there should be some sort of collar that zaps you that won’t let you watch The Real World when you’re seven years past even being eligible for the show. But there is a new Challenge starting in April and I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THAT! If only because the contestants on that show are much closer in age to me, therefore it is perfectly acceptable to watch them make asses of themselves.

This was so not the point of this post. Not that it had a point, as you can tell from the title. It was never going to have direction. But at least I was hoping for cohesive thoughts. ANYWAY, the point of me telling you that I’m lazy, which you’re all well aware of by now, is that I am lazy and also a creature of habit. I like routine and when I get out of a routine, my world goes all wonky. Which is part of the reason I have been so non-existent on my own blog.

I have been super busy. And when I’m busy, it throws off my whole routine. And then I get tired and crabby. And then apparently, I also get sick. Which is why I’m currently battling my second cold in as many weeks. I’m guessing all those airplanes and airports and germy people caught up to me. So all my free time has been spent sleeping and trying to get better and NOT writing blog posts and NOT washing dishes and NOT going grocery shopping.

But now that I’ve had a weekend to just lie around and catch up on my TV, I’m back into my routine. In fact, I can feel the energy returning to my body, to all my nerve endings, with every keystroke.

I wanted to actually talk about my trip to Arizona. But seeing as I’ve been back a whole week, it seems kind of silly. I mean, aren’t most vacation posts silly? Where you tell everyone how awesome it was to not be at work and are able drink beer in the middle of the day and sleep until noon and enjoy sunshine in March, all whilst your hometown is drowning in five inches of rain? I mean, that’s only fun for me. And the people that I was visiting in Arizona.

But the trip was phenomenal. And it was just what I needed. It pretty much cemented the fact that in the near future, I will be moving to Arizona (as long as Lori still lives there). Because every time I visit them, I am sad to leave. And I’m a homebody who enjoys her house and her routine (see above rambley paragraphs). I am always ready to come home from vacation and sleep in my own bed. But not when I hang out with Lori and Mike. I’m always sad to come home. And to me that means I shouldn’t constantly be leaving a place, and people, that make me so happy.

I also learned on this trip that tomatoes and anything made with them are just pure evil. Because while I’ve  had my heartburn in check, I didn’t actually realize it was because I was eating a diet of very bland, non-acid causing foods. (I’ve actually been trying to be very good about what I put in my mouth.) And while it is good to know that following an acid reflux diet does help, it is also not good to eat your weight in salsa over a weekend. While it tastes good going down, it will not be pleasant 5 hours later when you’re breathing fire and singeing the eyebrows of your friends and fellow bar patrons.

So in conclusion (there is no good way to end this post and I need to go to bed so I don’t get another cold), I am lazy, need routine and am going to try to post more. Because you know what? We have not heard from Bacon in awhile. And he has things to say.

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Kristabella, who also answers to “Hey! Drunk Girl!”, is a reformed band geek with an amazing ability to drink most people under the table. You can read her inane ramblings here, where she talks about her exciting life as a spinster with two cats and a fascination for Bacon.


16 Responses to “Must…Write…Something…”

  1. That is exactly why you need to watch VH1 reality tv. Contestants could be from 22 to 42! It feels much more like my personality age and my body age.

    Dutchess of Kickballs last blog post..The Best News Ever

  2. I just posted about The Real World yesterday…you are so not alone in watching The Real World and I am so well past the age cutoff. And the he/she bugs. It’s ok to be lazy. That’s what I tell myself anyway 😉

    ballerinatoess last blog post..Grace in Small Things, part 22

  3. Schwerer says:

    I am moving with you, and I loved Katelynn’s lazy-efficient logic too!

  4. Christina says:

    DVRs are the tools of the lazy and that is why I love mine!

    Christinas last blog post..Legs of a gazelle

  5. Lori says:

    oh, no! not another cold. get some serious rest because you’ll need it soon for moving day. yay! we miss you already and you are of course always welcome anytime here in arizona. (we won’t eat as much salsa next time, promise!)

    Loris last blog post..i’m in love…with oatmeal?

  6. Another member of Team Lazy here. Or would be, if I could be bothered to show up to those damn meetings.

    So sorry you’re not feeling well; hope you’re back to normal soon.

    Legallyblondemels last blog post..Winter Product Test Results

  7. Kimberly says:

    I’ve been lazy too. Maybe we should make a lazy club. Wanna? I may be too lazy to organize it.

    Kimberlys last blog post..Why the Padded Bra?

  8. Angella says:

    I am lazy, therefore I blog instead of vacuuming.

    As you know, I HEAR YOU on the blog routine.

    You should move to Arizona, I should move to California, and we will both be happy, happy campers.

    Angellas last blog post..You’re Only As Good As Your Last Blog Post

  9. Erin says:

    Raising my hand in a “can I join Team Lazy too?” way. I don’t watch Real World but if it makes you feel better I did watch both seasons of the Pussycat Dolls show on the CW and got very very into which girls made it into the girl group (what was up with the two that would take baths together but swore they were not in a relationship?).

    Also, I hear you on the needing a routine thing. I think, though, that it is worse BEFORE a vacation–you know how when you know you’ll be leaving in a couple of days so you lose the desire to do anything normal or productive? That’s where I’m at. I’m supposed to get three articles done today but so far? I have checked the mail and spent about an hour and a half looking at wedding favors online…and napping. Oops!

  10. well thank goodness I am not alone on the laziness! phew I was getting worried there for a sec

    sensibly sassys last blog post..The Final Final

  11. well, I am glad to see you are at least writing here and there.

    Michael Tragics last blog post..Welcome to my heaven: My fight with Sumioko

  12. Ree says:

    Well, you could have an over-active immune system like me. Which, y’know, sometimes sucks just as bad. 😉

    Rees last blog post..Mute Monday – Hell

  13. regan says:

    I have no reason to be lazy, yet I am. Most people would get laid off and fire their cleaners to save money, but not me. Just because I have the time to clean my tub, doesn’t mean I want to.

    And I’ve been blogging about cat butts and DWTS, so it’s safe to say a blogging funk might be making the rounds.

  14. metalia says:

    I am the QUEEN of laziness. And also cheese-eating. And pie. And crap t.v. And–wait, what were we talking about again? I used to LOVE Real World, and would spend the morning after each episode writing EPIC recaps of the show for my friends. It was at that point that I realized I needed to start a damn blog.

    metalias last blog post..The game of “Would You Rather”: laundry edition!