A Christmas Recap in Bullet Form

Posted By on December 28, 2008

While I do love me some long weekends, it is also not a good thing. Because that many days of sleeping in and napping makes my body think we’re unemployed again. Whereas I would be all “NO! I can’t be unemployed AGAIN!” My body is thinking “WOO FUCKING HOO! NAPS! Glorious, glorious NAPS!”

Needless to say, my brain isn’t working much and I can’t form coherent sentences. So I’m just going to tell you all about the highlights from my long holiday weekend.

  • My car is UNSTUCK! FINALLY!
  • On Wednesday afternoon, after I got home from work a bit early, I went right to my car to get it out. It was warmer that day and the snow and ice were turning slushy. I figured it was my best shot of getting out. After struggling for a bit, a nice man, A SAINT, came out to help me. He literally pushed me out of my spot. It took us a half hour, but I got out. It was a Christmas miracle!
  • I need to bake that man some cookies or something. He has no idea how grateful I was.
  • We got a ton of rain this weekend and it was 60 degrees on Saturday. It melted all the snow (yay!) and also flooded all the frozen rivers (boo!). There is very little snow and ice left. I parked in a spot with a little bit of ice (I’m talking like not even that noticeable.) When I went to leave for the grocery store this afternoon, I GOT STUCK! ON THAT LITTLE PATCH OF ICE!
  • Thankfully it wasn’t for too long.
  • I’m pretty sure Mother Nature hates me.
  • Either that, or she’s a dentist.
  • My Christmas was good. I got money and gift cards mostly. I also got a new sweater and a cute scarf and some reusable grocery bags. Which I probably was the most excited about!
  • It was really loud in my aunt’s house on Christmas. There was too much going on. I was way too overstimulated. And there was nowhere to escape to. Not surprisingly, I had a huge headache when I got home.
  • My cousin got snippy with me when I explained to her that to show images back on a digital camera, you have to switch to the mode with the play button. She looked at me like I was speaking gibberish. I had no other way to explain a PLAY BUTTON than yelling PLAY BUTTON louder.
  • She got mad because she said I didn’t need to make her feel stupid.
  • But who doesn’t know what a play button looks like? It’s the same on a camera or a DVD player or an iPod. IT IS A UNIVERSAL SIGN.
  • I went over to my brother’s on Friday to help Noah and Skyler break in all their new toys. Noah got the board game Life from Santa. So my brother, SIL and I played on Friday night.
  • True to real life, I lost my job twice in the game of Life as well.
  • I suck at Mario Kart. Which pleases my nephew greatly. He’s a really sore winner. Which pisses me off even more than sucking. Because HE’S SIX.
  • I noticed this morning that my heat wasn’t working. And since it is radiators and I have four of them, I was thinking it was more of an issue of the apartment complex not turning the heat on, than the radiators being broken.
  • Saturday was 60. Sunday was 30. The heat was needed. It’s like against the law or something.
  • So I left a passive aggressive message on their machine (since they are on vacation) and said something about their vacation doesn’t mean I don’t get heat. And also, I might have said something about taking money off my rent next month because if I have to shower when it was 50 degrees in my house in WINTER, there was going to be hell to pay.
  • I heard the radiators click on a little later. But not since, which means I’m debating wearing mittens inside my house.
  • My landlord pays for our heat. Which is all fine and good until they decide not to turn it on. I’d rather be able to control it myself. And also, I pay far too much in rent to have to wear mittens inside.
  • And finally, a photo of Skyler from Christmas of her holding up the empty cookie tray in front of her face. I will never stop finding this pee-your-pants funny.


Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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Kristabella, who also answers to “Hey! Drunk Girl!”, is a reformed band geek with an amazing ability to drink most people under the table. You can read her inane ramblings here, where she talks about her exciting life as a spinster with two cats and a fascination for Bacon.


17 Responses to “A Christmas Recap in Bullet Form”

  1. I can’t even tell you just how messed up my sleep schedule is right now. Suffice it to say that, for the first time in 10 years, I’m able to sleep past 7:30, which is my Christmas miracle. Also, please note that I’m leaving a comment at 1:30 a.m. EST, which is part of why my sleep schedule is wrecked.

    Jen on the Edges last blog post..Vacay

  2. Swishy says:

    My landlord pays for the heat too, but I actually get to CONTROL it. Which means it is only 74 like always. I would DIE if it was out of my control!

    Swishys last blog post..It’s a holiday extravaganza!

  3. Melissa says:

    So many funny things here to comment on, so little time. Who knew Mother Nature was a dentist. You lost your job twice in Life…that is hysterical.

    Hey, it’s 4:49, it’s the best I can do this early…;)

    Melissas last blog post..Shot Through the Heart….Yup, Bullets

  4. LarryLilly says:

    Do they have a bankrupt spot in that game?

    Just wondering.

    So no one gave you any wine for Christmas?

    Dam your telepathic ray gun must be broken. Do you suppose its part of the digital TV broadcast thing and it affected yours early?

    Learn to find high spots. Even if just a half inch higher, so the water wont puddle around the tires. Of course in Chicago, your lucky you dont find the car on blocks. Or do they steal the wheels and dont bother with blocks there? Tough town LOL.

  5. Mahnee says:

    LOVE the Skyler photo!!!

  6. If I didn’t have control of my own heat, I think someone would have to die.

    Dutchess of Kickballs last blog post..Happy Holidays!

  7. Lori says:

    Glad you had a nice Christmas with the fam. That cookie tray and photo are hysterical! I so want one.

  8. Sheri says:

    Glad to hear your Christmas was merry. Hope you have a happy new year too…. What are your plans??? Not a stalker, just curious. I’ll be in bed by 9, most likely.

    Sheris last blog post..Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

  9. Rhi says:

    I am a big fat content stealer. I am hanging my head in shame.

    Rhis last blog post..Holiday Recap, in Bullet Form

  10. Julie says:

    So glad you had a nice holiday, the weather got up to 60 and your car is free! Yes, Kristabella, there is a Santa Claus.

  11. Vanessa says:

    So just be careful if you are eating around that cousin. If she can’t decipher the universal symbol for “play button” she sure as hell won’t know what the choking sign is.

    Vanessas last blog post..There’s a mouse in my house….err, car.

  12. The College where I work closed for Winter Break at 5 PM on Dec. 23rd, and we don’t go back until Monday, Jan. 5th. Talk about messing up my sleep pattern! Sleeping in, taking afternoon naps, watching TV all the livelong day – – it’s going to be sheer HELL going back to work next Monday!

    Liz J in Central Illinoiss last blog post..Merry Christmas!

  13. Eileen says:

    Love this post. I wasn’t feeling the holiday spirit mojo this year- but this picture got me there.

  14. Angella says:

    You never cease to crack me up, friend. I want to print out that happy face and hang it on the wall 🙂

    Angellas last blog post..The Day After Tomorrow

  15. jen says:

    Today was the first time since the 24th the material of my pants was not fuzzy cotton.

  16. Fairy Godmother says:

    Was the cousin you’re talking about my sister? I could see her being a little confused. I keep reminding her she is getting old.

    I love the picture of Skyler!

  17. Giggle Pixie says:

    OMG, money and gift cards are sooooo my favorite presents. That I didn’t get nearly enough of this year. (whine, whimper, moan).

    Ah well. There’s always next yesr. 🙂

    Giggle Pixies last blog post..The Closest I’ll Get to Holiday Cheer in 2008