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I’m in this weird funk lately. Not like down-in-the-dumps funk, but more of a how-am-I-going-to-find-time-to-get-everything-done kind of funk. I’m a bit overwhelmed, as if you couldn’t tell by my post title.

I have about 16 days left of work. Not that I’m counting or anything. And in that time we have another sales conference (see how they worked that? Making sure that I was there right up until they had no more conferences in Chicago so they wouldn’t have to do any work?) So I’m busy trying to wrap things up, get those old invoices off my desk and finish up any last minute projects, since I’ve got just about 2 weeks left in the actual office. (Yes, I am too nice and should just “forget” to do these things before I leave but I JUST CAN’T.)

On top of that, I’m trying to find my ass a job. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on my resume, sending it out and crafting the perfect cover letters to go along with each position. Cover letters like the one I sent out that I actually typed “would make me an excellent candidate for YOUR OPENING AT JOB NAME.” Because when I typed the letter the first time, I figured I was smart enough to remember to change that one line before I sent it out. And yet clearly, I am not smart enough.

I’ve had some response to my applications. I have an interview scheduled for Friday morning and another one on Monday morning. I have yet to hear back about the FIVE-HOUR INTERVIEW OF DEATH and I think I’m OK with it. To be honest, in my two conversations with HR Guy, we’ve discussed salary and he hasn’t come close to what I’m asking for. I’m thinking the FIVE-HOUR INTERVIEW OF DEATH is to get me all worn down so I’ll agree to the measly salary he’s offering because I’ll just want to get out of there and have a glass of water.

Part of me doesn’t even want to schedule the FIVE-HOUR INTERVIEW OF DEATH if they are still interested. Yes, it will be good practice. And come on, I could just make up ridiculous answers and get a good blog post out of it. But I don’t really want this job. But I feel like I can’t turn down an interview, even a FIVE-HOUR INTERVIEW OF DEATH, when I’m 16 working days away from being unemployed. Not that I’m counting or anything.

So the job hunting thing is keeping me busy (and subsequently keeping me awake at night NOT dreaming about hot, half-naked, long-armed swimmers). There’s a wee part of my brain that wishes I would have started looking for a job a little bit later in August so that I could take some time off before starting a new job in September. But then the not-so-wee part of me knows that these opportunities might not be there in a week and that wee part of me should shut the hell up. Because then you know what we can use our severance on, wee part? A new flat-screen TV. Boo. Yah.

Looking for a job is a full-time job. Especially when you’re doing it at work and the phone rings and then people stop by at your desk or you have to answer actual work-related emails. It is hard to keep track of which jobs you’ve applied for, since Monster and Career Builder list a lot of the same positions. That alone is overwhelming enough for me.

And then I add in my blog reading and my emailing and my blog writing and my awesome chats on IM and blogging drama and the OLYMPICS and I’m having a hard time keeping up with EVERYTHING. And things are starting to suffer. I think my writing here has suffered the most. My mind is so full of things I have to do, things that can be quite stressful, thinking about every interview, wanting to NOT send the WRONG cover letter out, so I can’t fit much more in my brain. And that means that I don’t have room in my wee little brain to come up with creative posts.

But I have to write as much as I can. I’m easily distracted and if I take more than a few days off from writing, I can easily talk myself into not doing it ever again. Talk to my gym membership. He knows what I’m talking about.

So until the Olympics end, or until I get a job or until the FIVE-HOUR INTERVIEW OF DEATH, you are going to have to deal with the crap I write here.

You may just want to go Google images of half-naked swimmers. It’s much more entertaining. 

And let’s be honest, that’s really what I’ve been “overwhelmed” with.

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  1. HouseofJules says:

    Good luck, KJ! Since the women’s gymnastics was on tonight and I got to see Bela Karoli, I’ll say this to you: “You Caaan Doo Eeet!” Sending you lots of good mojo and Michael Phelps’ body. I figure you can handle one more thing to be overwhelmed with, right?
    House of Jules

    HouseofJuless last blog post..Parallel, perpendicular or diagonal hardly matters if I’m enveloped in that wing span

  2. Melissa says:

    Sheesh, girlie! You have to remember to breathe…and dream about half naked swimmers…

    Melissas last blog post..Hi…Yah!!!

  3. Dingo says:

    The FIVE HOUR INTERVIEW OF DEATH sounds like one of those crazy stunts you’d see at the county fair. If things don’t pan out, you can always join rank with the county fair. And with you thing for swimmers, you can hook up with they guy that does the high-dive into the baby pool.

    Dingos last blog post..At Your Cervix

  4. I once had a stress interview where the interviewer threw a chair. I didn’t get the job.

    PS. “would make me an excellent candidate for YOUR OPENING AT JOB NAME”. I can’t stop giggling. I would so do that.

  5. moo says:

    I’m sorry dearie. This economy is for the pits. But perhaps once this job ends and there is nothing else in sight, that is your karmic universe response to the whole question of “should I just chuck the corporate world for writing?”

    You could temp, nanny, or babysit in the meantime for rent money.

    moos last blog post..literary meme

  6. Mahnee says:

    YOUR OPENING AT JOB NAME!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I’m still laughing.

    And better luck sleeping and dreaming about those swimmer dudes.

  7. Raven says:

    You totally shouldn’t waste your breath on the FIVE HOUR INTERVIEW OF DEATH, even with the impending end of job. You don’t want to already get yourself in the “anything is better than nothing” mindset, you know? Try to keep yourself focused on getting something better than what you have now, period.

    It’s hard but it’s worth it in the end.

    I had been avoiding the Olympics like the plague but oh how I love a male swimmer. mmmm.

  8. ali says:

    i’m thinking of doing a thursday thirteen tomorrow…of the hottest people to watch at the olympics.

  9. dabby says:

    You know what’s worse than leaving in generic space fillers when sending out cover letters? Leaving the name of the last company you applied for in some random paragraph. I distinctly remember some bitch calling me out it (probably rightfully so) when I was applying for internships in college.

    Where are those so-called headhunters when you REALLY need them??

    dabbys last blog post..No. No, I will not come on over.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Just wanted to share an opinion from the land of Human Resources. Speaking from experience, I would not spend a whole lot of time crafting cover letters. I think they are a bit of dying trend. We really, truly do not read them. Sorry, but it’s true! Unless there is some tidbit of info that we might need to know that we can’t gather from your resume, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. For example, why you might live in GA but are applying for a job in Washington….**are you moving there???*, etc.

    Most resumes these days come in electronically and just generally include a very brief “please consider me for job #34778, I can best be reached at blah blah”. In your case you may also want to mention that you are being laid off, as that will probably be the 1st thing they will wonder.

    Hope that helps! Just my 2 cents

  11. Nic says:

    They’re hiring in my office. Seriously. But you’d have to move here.

    Keep looking at half naked swimmers. They give meaning to life.

    Nics last blog post..Tales of my ass

  12. Noelle says:

    I hope you get paid for a five hour interview.

    And I once sent out a cover letter with the name of a different company, and I ended up with the job anyway. After the interview, they pointed out my mistake, and I spent the first month on the job trying to prove to them that I wasn’t an idiot.

    Noelles last blog post..There was something so pleasant about that place

  13. Ashmystir says:

    Here’s to Olympic hotties! Good luck on the 5hr interview.


    Ashmystirs last blog post..I spy…

  14. Rhi says:

    It totally is a full time job! Fingers crossed for you, and if you need me to give you a mock interview over the phone, I’m in 🙂

    Rhis last blog post..This entire post borders on TMI, you’ve been warned

  15. JRM says:

    When I was last unemployed and looking for a job I set up a separate gmail address that I used only for the job search. I found that a lot of online applications will send you a confirmation of receipt of your resume and it was helpful to just keep it in one place where I didn’t have to search for it among the sea of my regular email address.

  16. Cara says:

    I don’t think I would go to that 5 hour interview, I mean, do you really need THAT much practice.

    Caras last blog post..Primal Nature

  17. regan says:

    You should focus all of your attention on your blog because that’s where the real money and professional success is.

  18. Sarah says:

    Don’t let the FIVE HOUR INTERVIEW OF DEATH force you into taking a job you hate. You can do better than that! I’m pulling for you.

    Sarahs last blog post..Happy Birthday Brandi

  19. The Muse says:

    I’m just going to give you a hug before I return to finishing invoices that cover 37 international offices… and I have to fully write out every address they’re going to.

    Dude, places in Dubai have long mailing addresses.

    The Muses last blog post..PoleLaTeaz on CNN!

  20. Ditto on turning down 5-hour interview, unless you plan to go dressed up like the grim reaper. That would be some effing blog-worthy stuff.

    thecoconutdiariess last blog post..The Color of Sports

  21. You are going to be OK! Yes, job hunting is a full time job, but well worth it when you land the perfect one.

    Good luck and enjoy the process.

  22. Moose says:

    I had to do a few marathons of writing samples! Four hour interview! Editing test! Writing test!… “Sorry, not quite what we’re looking for.” So what I go look for is an axe. TO PUT MYSELF OUT OF MY MISERY.

    Uh, suffice it to say, I know your pain. Keep at it, and good luck!!

    Mooses last blog post..Please Excuse All Rambling, Poor Grammar, and Unfortunate Phlegm Descriptions

  23. Your gym membership should talk to mine. He stopped talking to me months ago. I’ll keep reading over here but I’ll also Google hot images of Olympic swimmers just because WHY WOULDN’T YOU?

    (And I blame the Olympics for a lot this week. No sleeping, increased heart rate, lusting after men who aren’t my husband, etc.)

    Also, I hope everything works out for you hun. You deserve a great job, no stress and a vacation!

    She Likes Purples last blog post..Before And Now

  24. Erin says:

    Yeah, that 5 HOUR INTERVIEW OF DEATH sounds particularly horrid. I would definitely skip it, although, you’re right, it would make very interesting blog fodder!

    Don’t stress, I’m sure you’ll find something very soon!

    Also, to overwhelm you a little more, I tagged your for a meme today. You don’t have to do it, I would still like you if you didn’t!

    Erins last blog post..I got Tagged! 6 Unspectacular Quirks

  25. Angella says:

    I am SO WITH YOU. And also? SO BEHIND (with you).

    Misery loves company…

    Angellas last blog post..I’m Not As Holey As I Was Last Week

  26. I’m not sure how anyone is getting any sleep with Micheal Phelps running around wit his shirt off every night. Like I said, between that and Big Brother…really, when is there time for quality writing in the evenings?

    None. There’s none, I tell you.

    Kimberly/ MommaKs last blog post..Non-Structurally Challenged

  27. DM says:

    I am voting for the 5 hour interview of death in which you make up weird answers. Because that would be hilarious. Especially since you don’t want the job.

    Tell them you’re leaving your job because of the vampires that lurk around in the break room. Or something bizarre.

    Other than that, I wish you luck and thank God I work for NABABNA and don’t have to worry about this crap anymore.

    DMs last blog post..What’s been going on

  28. Kristie says:

    I think looking at half naked swimmers is the way to go. It may not pay the bills, but it sure is entertaining.

    Kristies last blog post..A personal choice.

  29. Julie says:

    Two words: RYAN LOCHTE!

    And I have to completely disagree with Jennifer on the cover letter front. I’m guessing you’re applying for mostly communications and marketing jobs? We scrutinize cover letters, and if someone doesn’t make an effort to convince us of why they fit our job posting, briefly and clearly (more than just job #xyz, etc.), we toss the resume in the round file. Just my two cents on that piece. Maybe things are way different in other fields, but bad cover letters are my organization’s pet peeve (again, cause we’re in communications!).

  30. Danielle-lee says:

    Screw the 5 hour interview. If you don’t want the job, don’t waste your time. Don’t start thinking that you need to get desperate for a job already.
    And yes, looking for a job is such a full-time job. so time consuming, and not as much fun as drooling over those damn swimmers’ bodies. sigh.
    You will be okay.
    If you need to take a break from posting, you know we will all still be here. We understand!!

    Danielle-lees last blog post..Welcome to Hell

  31. rye says:

    Sorry you’re feeling overwhelmed. That sucks. And I don’t blame you ONE BIT if you opt NOT to go through with the FIVE HOUR INTERVIEW. Because, seriously – think of how much swimming you could watch in five hours! Priorities, girl 🙂

    ryes last blog post..afternoon non-delight

  32. Evil Genius says:

    Be sure you read all you can about those Olympic swimmers and learn as much as you can. Because you never know, that FIVE HOUR INTERVIEW OF DEATH? It might include waterboarding. ::shiver::

    Either that or they plan to have you sit all alone in a room full of 2–way mirrors, where scientists in lab coats on the other side of the mirrors study your every behavior and mannerism.

    Oy, my mind is completely whacking out on me today. Clearly I need to go take a nap.

    Evil Geniuss last blog post..Of Asses and E-Coli

  33. Erin says:

    I am absolutely intrigued by the Five Hour Interview of Death and I would TOTALLY go just so that I could see how the hell an interview could take five hours! I can see, though, how it would be a total waste of your time since you won’t take the job anyway. What a pickle you are in!

    Erins last blog post..Weekend Plans

  34. Shelly says:

    Good luck with the interviews Kristin!
    You’ll find the right opportunity. I have faith! – Also, I have a few parties coming up that might be fun to check out. I’ll be in touch! – S

  35. Vanessa says:

    Good luck, I hate looking for a job. Clearly the best part is not having to look anymore. I can’t wait to hear how the 5 hour interview of death went.

  36. Laurel says:

    Looking for a job is so demoralizing… but it sounds like it’s going well, all things considered! I feel you on the overwhelmed sucky blogger syndrome as well. Ugh.

    Laurels last blog post..Recent Discoveries